Radio Berlin on VHS

11 September 2017
Radio Berlin, live at The Piccadilly Pub, Vancouver, 29 March 2002
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Radio Berlin was a Vancouver post-punk band active between 1998 and 2005 from which members went onto various other projects, including psych-rockers Black Mountain, Dysnea Boys and Soft Riot. As this period of activity was in that awkward, somewhat undocumented period before social media really took off, there isn’t really much live footage of the band archived online.

Recently a live set was unearthed on an old VHS tape from a performance in Vancouver’s legendary but now long gone Piccadilly Pub from March 2002. You can view a couple of videos from this show below. The audio in the video was taken directly from the venue’s live mix and printed to the VHS. A bit of restoration work was done on the transfer but upon playback there are audio artifacts in the mix, something to be expected after sitting unplayed for over fifteen years.

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