Year: 2023

Soft Riot — Promo Photo 2 | Spring 2023

Kollektiva sounds in on “No.”

19 September 2023

The Hungarian web presence known as Kollektiva puts in a strong endorsement for the new album No.: “…even in this sad, dark age, the album full of innovation and to say, which besides perfect musical production, at least the ‘NO’ is so focused.”

Soft Riot : NO. LP on BandCamp (August 2023)

“No.” added to New And Notable on BandCamp

19 August 2023

Many thanks to BandCamp for featuring No. In their New And Notable section, which selects choice new releases featured on the platform.

The Book Of Very Very Bad Things #100 | Jack Duckworth (Soft Riot / Radio Berlin)

In Conversation with The Book Of Very Very Bad Things

11 August 2023

The Book Of Very Very Bad Things is an American podcast hosted by musician and writer Peter Tanski. In both parts of this two part conversation we talk about the new album “No.” and meander through a wide variety of other topics.


The new album No. is out today!

11 August 2023

The tenth album called No. is out now and available on Vinyl LP, Digipak CD and Digital, as well as on various streaming services. Read on for more info about ordering, shipments and for listening links!

Soft Riot : No. | Full album stream on Ghettoblaster Magazine

Album Stream | Soft Riot, No. on Ghettoblaster Magazine

10 August 2023

The new album No. is out TOMORROW and with that many thanks go out to Ghettoblaster Magazine for a nice feature on this album that contains an overview and FULL stream of the record. - Soft Riot - Say Yes To No

“Say Yes To No” — Outside Left

3 August 2023

Many thanks to Alan Rider of UK magazine Outside Left for press this nice album feature on the forthcoming “No.” album. — ‘…alternately bubbling or razor-sharp analogue synths battle it out in a sound that is both retro and futuristic.’

Gut Feeling Podcast #23 | Jack Duckworth (Soft Riot / Radio Berlin)

In Conversation with Gut Feeling

1 August 2023

Gut Feeling is a music podcast/interview archive run by veteran Canadian music journalist Gregory Adams. In this podcast #23 we talk about the new album “No.” as well as touch the iceberg about the musical history of Soft Riot, mainly covering the early years of playing in bands from 1992-1998.

Carlos Grabstein

Soft Riot & Carlos Grabstein “Rebuilding It Again” Video Premiere

27 July 2023

A collaborative track between Soft Riot and Berlin-based electronic musician and DJ Carlos GrabStein, originally from Mexico City, based on the single “A Spade Is Played Again” with accompanying video.

Soft Riot | Linked Between Two Minds — Video Still and Kool Rock Radio premiere the video for “Linked Between Two Minds”

25 July 2023

Many thanks to and Kool Rock Radio for premiering this new video for this track. It’s the first single off the forthcoming album “No.” out 11 August 2023  as well as the title track off the new, extended single of the same name.

Soft Riot's album is titled "No." but I say yes.

Soft Riot’s album is titled “No.” but I say yes.

22 July 2023

Thanks to Brutal Resonance for writing their new feature and full album preview for the forthcoming “No.” album out 11 August 2023.

Soft Riot - Cover Songs | Nomeansno : Mama | Hoover : The Lurid Traversal of Route 7 | Bruce Cockburn : Stealing Fire

The Mysterious World of Cover Songs

14 July 2023

A look at the particular and problematic world of approaching cover songs, as well as a reflection on the three cover songs done by myself so far by artists Hoover, Nomeansno and Bruce Cockburn.

Soft Riot. | A Spade Is Played Again (Breakdown Version) — Video Still

“A Spade Is Played Again (Breakdown Version)” video premiere on White Light // White Heat

30 June 2023

The popular, underground music website White Light // White Heat has premiered the first video in relation to the forthcoming No. album, “A Spade Is Played Again (Breakdown Version)”.

Ubre Blanca "Rhizome" Cassette Cover

Ubre Blanca’s “Nocturne I” featuring Soft Riot

5 June 2023

Today is the release day for the new album Rhizome by Ubre Blanca, a Glasgow-based “dark electronic disco”, and which I collaborated with them on the album’s second track, “Nocturne I”.


Announcing the new album, “No.”

15 May 2023

The new SOFT RIOT album — NO. Out 11 August 2023 on Possession Records (UK) and Wave Tension Records (NL). Nine new tracks available on Vinyl LP, Digipak CD and Digital.


“Back To Mine” with Soft Riot, out now at DMC World Magazine

3 May 2023

The online electronic music magazine DMC World reached out with a request to contribute a list of some favourite tracks for their “Back To Mine” series on their website. 10 tracks were chosen in all!

Newem - Siders (Cover)

Newem’s “Ikko (Soft Riot Remix)” Out Now

28 April 2023

The Soft Riot remix of “Ikko” by Los Angeles-based Newem (a project of Sébastian Chenut of renowned French DJ duo Scratch Massive) is out today on various digital platforms, including Spotify.