New No. to wear including a Limited Special Offer

8 February 2024
Soft Riot "No." Apparel Design
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With more and more live performances being lined up, and stocks on older apparel designs starting to run low, it’s time to bring in some new merchandise: new t-shirts, tote bags and 38mm square pin badges in the new “No.” line of apparel. You can check out the designs and visuals below under Product Images.

Designing t-shirts around the album No. has been a work in progress for a while. Given the strength and visual simplicity of the word “no”, it was open for a lot of opportunities to bring that out as an obtuse slogan. However, many of the original designs that were assembled together didn’t really work, and it was only recently, with other t-shirt stocks running to the end of stock, that this design came about.

You can check out and order these three items below for mail order, and they will of course be available at the merch table during live performances and tours throughout 2024 and beyond until they run out of stock!

Note that t-shirt and bag orders will be shipped from 26 February 2024.

Limited Time Special Offer

And with this announcement, there’s a special off that runs until March 31, 2024.

For a limited time, a purchase of a No. T-Shirt will come with a FREE download of the A Spade Is Played Again digital single, from the No. album.

And any purchase of the No. Tote Bag will come with a FREE download of the Linked Between Two Minds digital single, also from No.


Product Images