Winter/Spring 2024 Live Dates

28 January 2024
Soft Riot at Ombra Festival, Barcelona, Spain | November 2021 | Photo by Dark Lark — 1
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Returning back from a grand time in France, many thanks go out to EXBTN for the show production and hospitality, as well as sharing the stage with both the amazing Crush Of Souls (FR) and Poison Point (FR). Moving onward, there’s a nice number of dates coming up, listed here below covering until the end of April. Perhaps we’ll see some of you out there!

More live shows to come down the line. Get in touch for further bookings. Thanks for your support!

Photo by Dark Lark, taken in November 2021 from Ombra Festival in Barcelona (ES).

SOFT RIOT — Winter/Spring 2024 Dates Square Flyer

Below is the list of dates in HTML format with ticket links and “notify me” options, which you can also view on the Live Events page.