premieres the video for “It Never Takes Long To Say No”

7 December 2023
Soft Riot | It Never Takes Long To Say No — Video Still
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The new video for the track “It Never Takes Long To Say No.” — the third track on the recently released  the album No. — has premiered on, following their premiere of the video for “Linked Between Two Minds” a few months back. And with the release of this video comes an artist statement:

“This is the third video I’ve created in relation to the recently released No. album (August 2023). The video preceding this for the track “Linked Between Two Minds” was one that took a lot of planning, storyboarding, shooting and editing to do — the most I’ve done for any video so far, so coming to this new video I wanted to do something that was more impulsive and instinctual that could be assembled at a rate closer to the speed of what my mind was thinking.

“I was looking for something that could act more as visual or texture and work with the energy in any augmented physical space it would be watched in — abstract and stylised but without being too anonymous. I shot all of the footage in record time. Then from there just started hacking it up, mulching it and rendering it through my own visual filter which is by far the process I’m most interested in — and the most fun. And doing all that I still retain an attentive eye so the details were being covered so in the end it looks convincing, at least to me.

“I also wanted to showcase the lyrics to this track, which I feel are some of the most colourful I’ve written for any track off of the new album “No.”.

“The look of the video very much ties into my own style that I’ve been messing with for years. It’s a balance between spontaneity and craft as well as keeping amount of time I spent on it down to a minimum so I could construct it all together before the momentum was gone. Plus, after doing many videos for this project over the years I’m finding that spending hours and hours editing video of myself is becoming increasingly bizarre and perhaps even psychotic!

“Overall it’s a very fast, glitchy video and not suitable to those sensitive to quickly moving images. Likely I’ll be trying a very different approach stylistically next time to try something different.”

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