Marta Raya "Laurentiustränen" Video Still

Marta Raya Laurentiustränen Video

15 January 2020

A new video done for the track “Laurentiustränen” by Berlin-based artist Marta Raya, created by Flustervision, a new video production partnership set up by myself and Glasgow-based video artist Georgina Penstkart.

Soft Riot "The Eyes On The Walls" | Video Still 01

“Voidamol” Video Screening, Talk and Q&A

26 November 2019

M Gallery in Glasgow have invited me to do a presentation and screening select music videos and short film works I’ve done accompanied by a talk and Q&A about these films. The event takes place on Friday, Dec 13th from 7pm-9pm with the video screenings totalling around 40 minutes of material. A selection of five […]

Soft Riot "Taking Off The Edge" Video Still 01

“Taking Off The Edge” Video Premiere on Post-Punk.com

29 October 2019

The first video from When Push Comes To Shove has premiered on Post-Punk.com, for the track “Taking Off The Edge” which is the first track off the album and also available as a FREE (or pay as you want) digital single. This video was produced with Glasgow visual wizard Georgina Penstkart, as part of a ongoing collaboration on video projects.

Tomorrow Syndicate "Stranger In Space (Partrs I & II) - Video Still

A New Video Collaboration

16 July 2019

I’ve been involved in a new creative collaboration with Glasgow video artist Georgina Penstkart, working as a video production team with the aim of producing music videos and other interesting video content.

Video Interview with The Wave Of Things

Interviews, News
1 March 2018

  Recently a video interview was done with André Savetier, a European synth/post-punk music writer who has recently started a new video series called The Wave Of Things. This interview was the first in the series, which provides an interesting approach to discussing music that artists in the synth/wave scene create in a more candid […]

Impressions : Possession Records interviews Bob Hatchett

Interviews, News
9 February 2018

The Outsider In The Mirrors is officially out today on Possession Records! We asked JJD from Soft Riot‘s neighbour for his thoughts on the record to share with you in a short interview. This is the result. The album is available in LP, CD, Cassette or Digital format. There’s also some information on the Possession […]

Possession Records logo

Launch of Possession Records and New Hausfrau Video

25 August 2016

This past week a new Glasgow-based label called Possession Records announced its existence. It is a new endeavour that I am starting with members of other Glasgow groups Hausfrau, Kaspar Hauser and Ubre Blanca. It is a co-operative affair and a new direction that’s being taken for future releases for all bands involved, including a […]

A Third Video and Happenings for Spring 2016

21 March 2016

Following the the previous two videos for “You Never Know What Might Come Next” and “For Your Entertainment” over the past several months, here is the third and final video to be released from the latest album, You Never Know What Might Come Next for the track “You Are A Caged Dancer”. Following the style […]

A Video For Your Entertainment

12 January 2016

Here we are in 2016 and this is the first entry on softriot.com for the new year, back with a new promotional video for the track “For Your Entertainment” off of the recent album You Never Know What Might Come Next. It’s a glitched out, black satire of the modern media-drenched world we live in. […]

Back From Tour, Interview, Videos and into 2016.

Interviews, News
23 November 2015

It has now been a few days since returning from an absolutely incredible string of nine shows with friends Uncanny Valley and Hausfrau in the UK and Europe. Thanks to all the promoters and friends who helped us out as well as the people who came out to the shows. It definitely put this rather […]

Premiere of Video for “You Never Know What Might Come Next”

4 September 2015

With the official release date of the album You Never Know What Might Come Next on 19 September 2015 on EXBTN, the video for the title track officially premieres today with streams on Canada’s music website Exclaim! and the US music site Ghettoblaster. The video, shot mainly in the Peak District (UK), plays on the […]

New Album Delays, New Version of Sur Une Plage Track

28 June 2015

Official version of new album delayed until later in the summer, new remix by Sur Une Plage, show dates, video and other news.

Some More Terror Pre-Order and Other Happenings

4 September 2014

The latest offering Some More Terror is now available for pre-order in Europe through the Desire Records website. The album comes in cassette and digital format, the latter which will be available once the cassette ships. Sanity Muffin will be releasing the North American version of the cassette with different artwork. Some More Terror is […]

“Your Own Private Underworld” Promotional Video

22 August 2014

Released as a single ahead of the Fiction Prediction album last year, the promotional video for the track “Your Own Private Underworld” has now premiered and is available for viewing online. The video was shot in London by Wild Beast Productions. Credits are as follows: A WILD BEAST PRODUCTION Director / DOP / Editor / […]

“Cinema Eyes” Promo Video

23 April 2013

A new promo video for the track “Cinema Eyes” is now online. This track is on the upcoming Fiction Prediction album on Other Voices/Volar as well as the And You Will Find Them In The Basement compilation on Desire Records. What wonders one can come up with on no budget and a lot of time […]


2 November 2012

Almost five months later since the incredibly memorable and amazing Soft Riot/N?i Kabát “Europhoria” tour across Europe in June, time for few sessions was found to hunker down and sort through a few hours of rambling, incoherent footage to splice together this 14 minute “mini-film” about the experience. It contains segments of the live performances […]


7 November 2011

Thee third and final promotional video for the track “You’re Not Around Here” as been done for the No Longer Stranger EP, for which there will no longer be made any promotional videos for. Thanks to MM Lyle and Greg Allan for their assistance on this project. Further videos for this EP can be found […]


4 September 2011

A new promo video for SOFT RIOT for the track “Holding Cash In Fields of Ash” using film footage. A third video (with original footage) is coming down the pipe in the near future… SOFT RIOT “Holding Cash In Fields Of Ash” Promotional Video


5 May 2011

Here’s some passing around of the recently premiered “Your Secret Light Shines At Night” video on various reputable sites on the internet: PENDU.ORG www.pendu.org/mag/2011/04/29/soft-riots-secret-light/ BLAM BLAM FEVER! blamblamfever.tumblr.com/post/5208403642/discovered-this-sweet-savage-furs-side-project SUCKINGFACE suckingface.tumblr.com/post/4961248341/cameronr-soft-riot-your-secret-light-shines-at SUBBACULTCHA www.subba-cultcha.com/news/article.php?contentID=24453 At this point, in the lovely month in May, efforts are being turned toward tracks for a single for Everything Is Chemical Virtual […]


25 April 2011

The promotional video to “Your Secret Light Shines At Night” has been premiered today, after some ideas came about to put some visuals to the song that represent the mood of the song. Slightly psychedelic, slightly goofy, a some what frightening with a mash up of science fiction visualized through the eyes of Kenneth Anger, […]