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Soft Riot | Fiction Prediction - Cover

Fiction Prediction at 7 Years

Soft Vault
23 June 2020

The second album Fiction Prediction was released on this day in the year 2013. Over the past year I’ve started writing these reflective summaries of past works on their release date anniversaries so here’s my thoughts on this record.

Interview with Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft

Interviews, News
18 April 2014

On the 7th of April Soft Riot spoke to the folks at Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft in the form on a 20 minute long interview for their ongoing digital radio show and podcast. Towards the end of the interview the track “You’ve Been A Seeker For Long Enough” is played (the b-side to the “Your Own […]

Records, Remixes, Russia and Racing Forward

20 August 2013

Here’s an attempt to arrange all of the current news into one piece, all tied to a bit of cheap alliteration under the letter “R”… First off, all formats of the new album Fiction Prediction are available for order after some delays on some of the physical formats. You can now order these items from […]

“Your Own Private Underworld” Digital Single

9 April 2013

Preceding the official release of FICTION PREDICTION, now set for early June, Other Voices and Volar will be offering this digital single of the album track “Your Own Private Underworld” in early May with the exclusive B-Side “You’ve Been A Seeker For Long Enough”. More information to come along with the exact release date. The […]


26 November 2012

Now soundly back in London from a grand week in the Black Forest and the Alps, Much love and thanks go out to great friends from Lebanon Hanover for taking me along, as well as Michael Städler of Cold Kings and all of the promoters and hosts in the cities we played for the amazing […]


22 May 2012

Copies of the limited edition cassette re-release are draining nicely out of the Soft Riot reserves. There’s copies now available through the following distributors: ROUGH TRADE (UK) AUFNAHME + WIEDERGABE (Europe) OTHER VOICES (Russia) It’s not expected for these to last for too much longer, especially with the upcoming European tour with Noi Kabat on […]