The new album No. is out today!

11 August 2023
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The tenth album called No. available on Vinyl LP, Digipak CD and Digital, as well as on various streaming services.

No. is the logical follow-up to When Push Comes To Shove, released in November 2019 on the Glasgow UK-based label Possession Records, which saw some critical acclaim in the increasingly diverse synth scene.”

“…intricately weaves in strains of synthpop, Italo disco, and EBM, all while maintaining an indie flair that harks back to his earlier immersion in the 1990s North American underground hardcore/punk scene. This eclectic mix underscores his unorthodox approach, blending influences from various stages of his musical journey and showcasing his flexibility as an artist, all the while staying true to his unique sonic aesthetics.” –

For physical formats, non-EU orders will be shipped from the UK by Possession Records with EU orders being shipped by Wave Tension Records. However, orders that include other items than just the new “No.” LP/CD will be shipped from the UK where the rest of the stock is. This includes CD/LP/Cass (where applicable) of previous albums as well as other merchandise like T-Shirts, DVD/VHS and the infamous “Voidamol Tin” of which there’s still some in stock.

Merch Link

You can also get the new record “No.” through EU-based Bordello A Parigi and within the UK through Scotland-based shops/online mailorder such as Monorail and Some Great Reward.

The first 40 copies of the vinyl LP come with a limited edition 32-page zine which will run out soon!

Glasgow Release Show

For those in Glasgow, a release show is happening on Friday, 25th August 2023 at The Old Hairdressers.