Soft Riot feature on Mythic Rhythmic

11 October 2023

Read a new feature including interview on the US synth website Mythic Rhythmic for their second, October 2023 issue. Mythic Rhythmic is also a radio show where a few tracks, including a couple from the latest album No. are featured on their latest online mix.

Soft Riot — Mythic Rhythmic — October 2023 Issue — Interview/Feature
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The US website and radio show Mythic Rhythmic has published their 17th online issue for October 2023, containing a new Soft Riot feature which includes a recently done interview which can be read now. Mythic Rhythmic has also recently aired an online radio show featuring the tracks “A Spade Is Played Again (Breakdown Version)” from the A Spade Is Played Again single, the track “Linked Between Two Minds” from No. as well as the track “It’s No Laughing Matter” from the 2019 release When Push Comes To Shove. Many thanks go out to Acacia Carr of Mythic Rhythmic for reaching out for this new issue after taking interest in the new release.

Wow what a month it’s been over here at Mythic Rhythmic! In September we launched the premiere episode of Mythic Rhythmic Presents, our new monthly 2 hour indie electronic radio show which is designed as a companion piece to the Mythic Rhythmic Blog. Hosted by Yours Truly—Acacia Carr—this exciting new radio show is produced in partnership with Massive Radio, a new online music platform for electronic music lovers around the world….and beyond!

This October we explore Techno, Dark Wave, Synthwave, and more. For this Episode, I interviewed Switzerland based Artist Phenyx. Get to know this Artist as well as hear select tracks from Artists Electric Low, BLAZERGRAD, Soft Riot, Underpond, Princess Nostalgia, Dalé 52, BitBe, and 90s Maze.

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Listen to the radio show

Mythic Rhythmic Presents — October 2023 issue featuring Phenyx (cover)