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The Connection

8 April 2013

Well, here’s an old one. Old enough that I hadn’t heard it for over a decade and over time the memory of the track had morphed it into something quite different in my mind. “The Connection” was an outtake from the recording sessions of Radio Berlin‘s first album, Sibling.

The Measure | Live at The Briclyard, 1997

The Measure

3 March 2013

The Measure was a short-lived Vancouver band I was in from around Summer 1997 (don’t remember which month) until around June or July of 1998. I had just turned 19 and had just moved to Vancouver.


12 March 2012

SUBPOENA THE PAST : TWO EPs Subpoena The Past were a post-punk project that existed from 1997 to around 2001, in which time they were sporadically active from various urban centres in California such as San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles. They released two EPs: 1998’s “This Year’s Eclipse” and 2000’s “Conjure Itch”, both […]


27 January 2011

There was that sort of rolling mechanical tribal drumfill that triggered by interest to relisten to something I hadn’t listened to in a number of years. It was a track by the new-ish ethereal post-punk band called The Soft Moon. There were rolling tom fills; the type that Martin Hannett would have engineered late at […]

Radio Berlin at The Brickyard, Spring 1999

Two Outtakes from Two Albums

28 December 2010

Recently I was rolling out the shuffle mode when doing some work and a track called “Towers Above You” came on. It was an outtake that was never used from the last Radio Berlin full length, Glass (2003).

Primes — Press photo, 2004

Let Your Body Learn

23 August 2010

As I was moving items from shelf to shelf I became re-acquainted with the first Primes “s/t album. This was the first phase of the group in it’s more trashy, distorted, electro-punk phase.