Online “mix tapes”, podcasts, playlists and some interview segments here and there.

Soft Riot | 90s Hardcore/Post-Hardcore

90s Hardcore/Post-Hardcore

10 May 2024

A selection of hardcore and post-hardcore tracks from the 80s and 90s that I got into when I was a young one and still hold with me to do this day.

Soft Riot | Darkwave Ditties

Darkwave Ditties

30 August 2023

An ever evolving playlist of mainly darker, electronic music — “darkwave” — and other related genres like minimal synth, EBM and electro that represent more well known and more obscure artists, mainly from the 21st century.

Soft Riot | Ambient Zone

Ambient Zone

2 August 2023

A selection of late-night, astral trance favourites, recommendations with inclusion of select Soft Riot and Ostrofti tracks — long soothing drones, abstract sub-dued minimalism, and vast open cosmic spaces for those quiet hours. Ambient, synth, found and treated sounds.

Soft Riot | Electro-Funk Jams

Electro-Funk Jams

27 July 2023

A selection of electro-funk favourites, a genre that gets a lot of listens at home and in the studio and maybe even some inspiration for the music of Soft Riot. Rubbery basslines, locking grooves, staccato synth bursts and generally a fun, uplifting listen.

Jack (Soft Riot) for Glasgow's Radio Buena Vida (April 2023)

Soft Riot for Radio Buena Vida (April 2023)

28 April 2023

A new mix for Glasgow’s community station Radio Buena Vida, including tracks a mix of new wave, post-punk and electronic tracks by artists old and new such as Bleached Heat, The Serfs, Zeroset, Iv/An and more.

BlueBoutique x Soft Riot Selections | Featured Image

BlueBoutique x Soft Riot Selections

14 April 2023

A selection of tracks created for this mix playlist for Glasgow-based nite-life promoter Blue Boutique as part of their series of curated playlists. Check it out!

Possession Records mix for Radio Buena Vida, July 2021

Possession Records mix for Radio Buena Vida

5 August 2021

A mix was recently done as Possession Records for Glasgow’s community radio station, Radio Buena Vida which aired on 30 July 2021. that is now up and archived on their SoundCloud channel. Along with a couple of Soft Riot tracks, this mix includes selections by artists old and new, covering synth and post-punk moods that range from summery and hazy vibes, icy dirges and moments of soundtrack-inspired ambience.

Readymix Cement 004 | Cover Image

Readymix Cement 004

10 December 2020

After a bit of a break, this new mix is an extended one, starting with some mood-lifting synthpop from around the office, then a mix of synth and dance-y, dark and dirgy and to atmospheric pieces. Includes tracks of the recent Forbidden Figures compilation as well as from the Glasgow artist compilation album Votive Offerings.

Readymix Cement 003 | Cover Image

Ready Mix Cement 003

16 September 2020

After a bit of a break Readymix Cement is back with a third instalment; the first as we go into the autumn of 2020.

Readymix Cement 002 | Cover Image

Readymix Cement 002

16 August 2020

With the recent passing of Unwound bassist Vern Rumsey, this mix starts with a more unique post-hardcore introduction of that band’s track “Corpse Pose” from their seminal album Repetition (1996). This is the second installment of Readymix Cement.

Readymix Cement 001 | Cover Image

Readymix Cement 001

6 August 2020

This is the first of a series of curated mixes as Possession Records, featuring an array of favourite tracks by new and old artists in the postpunk, synth, minimal, darkwave and other eclectic genres.

Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves IV : Soundtracks Of The Mind

Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves IV : Soundtracks Of The Mind

5 January 2020

This is the final of three new instalments of the series of mixes done over the winter entitled “Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves”; this one being the most dynamic of the set, having more of a focus on favourite pieces from film soundtracks.

Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves III : Drones & Tones

Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves III : Drones & Tones

23 December 2019

This mix is the second of three new mixes for Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves. Entitled “Drones & Tones” it is the most minimal and meditative of the bunch, focusing on ambience and sound design. It includes artists old and new — strangers, friends and peers.

Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves II : Synthesizer Worlds

Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves II : Synthetic Worlds

10 December 2019

This mix, Synthetic Worlds, is a selection of more synthesiser-based pieces from classic artists from years gone as well as newer tracks by current artists, including friends and peers I know expanding in that universe of sound, creating new worlds to travel in and out of.

Heavy Leather Mix : Whitebelt Hardcore and Improvised Waves

Soft Riot Presents: White Belt Hardcore / Improvised Waves

1 March 2018

A double-sided cassette mix done for London’s Heavy Leather Productions: side one being some key influences and side two being a curated playlist of electronic and post-punk oddities.

"Years Of Riot" Mix Cover

Repartiseraren meets Soft Riot

8 April 2016

Swedish online music mag Repartiseraren got in touch to ask if they could compile a 2 hour mixtape retrospective of Soft Riot material into an online mix.

The Soft Riot Playlist on DEF

20 January 2016

A Soft Riot curated playlist aired on Doncaster Electronic Foundation featuring some selected personal electronic tracks from artists old and new.

Der Hammer | Mix 2 Image

Der Hammer : DJ JJD Selections 02

4 May 2015

A second mix of tracks for the Sheffield night Der Hammer.

Der Hammer | logo

Der Hammer : DJ JJD Selections 01

1 February 2015

This mix is selection of tracks I’ve been playing at Der Hammer containing tracks by new and classic synthesizer artists.

A Colder Consciousness | Logo

A Colder Consciousness #82

6 February 2014

Soft Riot goes into the Resonance FM studio with A Colder Consciousness, discussing music, playing tracks and then discussing those, resulting in this mix.