In Conversation with Gut Feeling

1 August 2023

Gut Feeling is a music podcast/interview archive run by veteran Canadian music journalist Gregory Adams. In this podcast #23 we talk about the new album “No.” as well as touch the iceberg about the musical history of Soft Riot, mainly covering the early years of playing in bands from 1992-1998.

Gut Feeling Podcast #23 | Jack Duckworth (Soft Riot / Radio Berlin)
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I recently had the invite to chat with Canadian veteran journalist Gregory Adams on his acclaimed podcast series Gut Feeling. I’ve known Greg since first moving to Vancouver back in 1997 and playing shows together in various bands. Since then, Gregory has forged a nice career for himself writing for such publications as Guitar World, Revolver, Exclaim! Magazine, BandCamp and countless other print and online publications.

The result is a loose, fun and freestyle conversation talking about No. and a lot of musical history and old bands from my teenage years in the 1990s.

“The latest Gut Feeling Podcast is with Jack Duckworth, the Vancouver Island-born, Glasgow based musician currently crafting darkwave odysseys as Soft Riot. The synth-heavy solo project’s snarky, urgent and playful new No. album comes out August 11 through Jack’s own Possession Records and the Netherlands’ Wave Tension Records.

“Throughout the talk, Jack gets into: Soft Riot’s latest collection; finding his way back to guitar; cosmic coincidences; Vancouver Island punk in the early ’90s; playing his first-ever show with an Acid casualty fill-in singer; hitchhiking; the quaintness of early internet culture; and his time in bands including The Forgotten, Anthony Monday, Slough of Despond, The Measure, and Radio Berlin.”

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