Master Tape

A Video Collection: 2010-2020

Limited Edition DVD & VHS. Out NOW on Possession Records.


Cinema Eyes - Version IV - Cover
Cinema Eyes (Version IV)

Out Now on the Forbidden Figures compilation

34 tracks by artists from all around the world to support Münster-based, Japanese synth artist Nao Katafuchi in his ongoing legal issues.


More information on this news post as well.

Ostrofti - Sudden Vision Zones

Ostrofti – Sudden Vision Zones


Cassette, Digital

Soft Riot | Master Tape - square cover

Master Tape



Soft Riot | Chin Up

Chin Up


Cassette, Digital, CD

Soft Riot | When Push Comes To Shove (PSSN04) | Cover

When Push Comes To Shove


Digital, CD, Vinyl LP

Mutant Transmissions Festival II - Soft Riot - Poster

An Upcoming Live Stream Performance for Mutant Transmissions Festival II

5 April 2021

Soft Riot will be contributing a 4 song studio performance for the upcoming Mutant Transmissions Festival II later this month. The festival is a live stream happening 23-26 April and curated by the Mutant Transmissions Radio show out of Brugge, Belgium. It will feature studio performances and DJ sets from contributors all over the world for fans of the wave, synth, post-punk and generally weirder end of the underground synth spectrum.

Soft Riot | Press photo for Northern Transmisions

Interview: Soft Riot’s Jack Duckworth Keeps His Chin Up

30 April 2020

“Jack Duckworth is a synth-driven journeyman who has delivered leftfield sounds across multiple projects over the past 25 years. For the past decade, he’s developed a sizeable, sinewave-forward solo catalogue as Soft Riot.”

Film Klub
The Tower (1993) — Featured Image

The Tower

12 February 2021

A double-entry for the Canadian (1985) and American (1993) versions of the The Tower, both made-for-TV movies involving powerful, master computers in state-of-the-art (for the time) office buildings that go bezerk and start killing people! Both films are of dubious quality but provide a certain entertainment value. This entry is a bit of a contrast and comparison between the two and delves a bit into aesthetics, Canadian film and the little known genre of Canuxploitation.


Year: 2020
From the album When Push Comes To Shove.

All music, lyrics, incidental music and sound effects by SOFT RIOT (JJD). Set construction, painting, effects, concept and editing by JJD. Select building props used from the publication “Brutalist London” by Zupagrafika (Prestel). Lighting and filming by Georgina Penstkart and JJD (Flustervision).

Readymix Cement 004 | Cover Image

Readymix Cement 004

10 December 2020

After a bit of a break, this new mix is an extended one, starting with some mood-lifting synthpop from around the office, then a mix of synth and dance-y, dark and dirgy and to atmospheric pieces. Includes tracks of the recent Forbidden Figures compilation as well as from the Glasgow artist compilation album Votive Offerings.

Soft Vault
Soft Riot | Fiction Prediction - Cover

Cinema Eyes Revisited

4 December 2020

“Cinema Eyes” came out mid-2013 on the album Fiction Prediction, almost eight years ago. There’s a number of versions of that track that exist so here’s a retrospective.