NO. Album Title

The new tenth album out now.

Available on vinyl LP, CD and Digital containing nine new tracks. A co-release between Possession Records (UK) and Wave Tension Records (NL).





Digital, CD, Vinyl LP

Soft Riot : Linked Between Two Minds | Digital Single Cover

Linked Between Two Minds


Digital Single

A Spade Is Played Again (Single Cover)

A Spade Is Played Again


Digital Single

Waveteef Club Visuals title card

Club Visuals for Waveteef 2024 Festival

9 April 2024

Performing at the 2024 festival edition of Waveteef was an amazing time, along with the opportunity of being asked by the festival organisers to conceptualise and create some background visuals to run the duration of the weekend.

A Luna Red — SLMZK! — Video Still

In Conversation with Scrapyard Radio about A Luna Red and Soft Riot

15 November 2023

Musician and radio host Kaine Delay of Scrapyard Radio reached out to discuss A Luna Red, a Vancouver-based synth-punk/industrial band I was in from 1999-2003, as well as happenings with Soft Riot.

Film Klub
Shredder Orpheus (Robert McGinley, 1989) | Featured Image

Shredder Orpheus

29 February 2024

Now, how about a strange, dark, American underground new wave/punk film that pulls heavily from Greek mythology and skateboarding, with a riveting post-punk soundtrack by Roland Barker?


Year: 2023
From the album No.

All music, lyrics, incidental music and sound effects by SOFT RIOT. Video concept, storyboarding, filming, editing, animation and effects by JJD. Shot on a very minimal budget.

Soft Riot | Darkwave Ditties

Darkwave Ditties

30 August 2023

An ever evolving playlist of mainly darker, electronic music — “darkwave” — and other related genres like minimal synth, EBM and electro that represent more well known and more obscure artists, mainly from the 21st century.

Soft Vault
The Outsider In the Mirrors | LP Cover

The Outsider In The Mirrors at 6 Years

9 February 2024

The six year anniversary of the release of this album just sort of snuck up, and with that here’s some reflections on The Outsider In The Mirrors, released 09 February 2018 on Possession Records.