Second Lives

A Compilation Album

Digital, Digipak CD + Cassette. Out Now on Possession Records.


SOFT RIOT - Second Lives | Cover

Soft Riot | Master Tape - square cover
Limited VHS + DVD

Master Tape

This limited video release collects 14 music videos and both short films promoting The Outsider In The Mirrors and When Push Comes To Shove, at a running time of approximately two hours.


SOFT RIOT - Second Lives | Cover

Second Lives


Cassette, Digital, CD

Ostrofti - Sudden Vision Zones

Ostrofti – Sudden Vision Zones


Cassette, Digital

Soft Riot | Master Tape - square cover

Master Tape



Soft Riot | Chin Up

Chin Up


Cassette, Digital, CD

CHIN UP "Modern Dread" | Artwork #12 of 12

Chin Up digital artwork series now up on OpenSea

17 September 2021

All of the single-track graphics for 2020’s Chin Up release are now available as in collection on the digital art marketplace OpenSea. These artworks were created upon the release of that album, each piece being detailed surreal collages relating to each of the 11 tracks on the album.

Soft Riot - Promo Photo - May 2021

Soft Riot talks to Brutal Resonance

23 June 2021

Brutal Resonance, an online Swedish-based music magazine focusing on the darker side of music, asked some questions about the upcoming compilation album Second Lives, including asking some stories about the tracks included on the record.

Film Klub
The Tower (1993) — Featured Image

The Tower

12 February 2021

A double-entry for the Canadian (1985) and American (1993) versions of the The Tower, both made-for-TV movies involving powerful, master computers in state-of-the-art (for the time) office buildings that go bezerk and start killing people! Both films are of dubious quality but provide a certain entertainment value. This entry is a bit of a contrast and comparison between the two and delves a bit into aesthetics, Canadian film and the little known genre of Canuxploitation.


Year: 2020
From the album When Push Comes To Shove.

All music, lyrics, incidental music and sound effects by SOFT RIOT (JJD). Set construction, painting, effects, concept and editing by JJD. Select building props used from the publication “Brutalist London” by Zupagrafika (Prestel). Lighting and filming by Georgina Penstkart and JJD (Flustervision).

Possession Records mix for Radio Buena Vida, July 2021

Possession Records mix for Radio Buena Vida

5 August 2021

A mix was recently done as Possession Records for Glasgow’s community radio station, Radio Buena Vida which aired on 30 July 2021. that is now up and archived on their SoundCloud channel. Along with a couple of Soft Riot tracks, this mix includes selections by artists old and new, covering synth and post-punk moods that range from summery and hazy vibes, icy dirges and moments of soundtrack-inspired ambience.

Soft Vault
Soft Riot | Fiction Prediction - Cover

Cinema Eyes Revisited

4 December 2020

“Cinema Eyes” came out mid-2013 on the album Fiction Prediction, almost eight years ago. There’s a number of versions of that track that exist so here’s a retrospective.