Year: 2018

And That Closes Another Year

28 November 2018

And so 2018 almost comes to a close. It’s been an incredibly busy year: releasing a new record and playing on different continents and different countries. A number of videos were made, a number cities were played that I’ve never played before and like many experiences, I’ve learned a lot of new things and made […]

“What Are You Waiting For?” 2018 Sale

23 September 2018

Having recently moved house and studio to a new location, and having done some travelling around playing shows in the lands of Europe, some stock re-counting has been done and some things are almost gone, namely t-shirts — down to the last 2x “L” sizes left of the “Quality Soundtracks For Modern Dread” shirt design. […]

2018-09-15, Zagreb, Croatia - GK Jabuka | Poster Design by Dark Devotion

Interview with

21 September 2018

If you know your Croatian, here’s an interview recently done with the popular Croatian entertainment site ahead of the recent live show in Zagreb at the legendary club GK Jabuka. Reporter Valerija Bebek asked a number of questions regarding expectations for the show, and the Soft Riot timeline from the start until now.

Soft Riot "Waiting For Something Terrible To Happen" Video Still 1

“Waiting For Something Terrible To Happen” Video Premiere

3 July 2018

Thanks to The Skinny for premiering the video for the track “Waiting For Something Terrible To Happen”, which is now available for viewing as of today! This is the fourth track from album The Outsider In The Mirrors which was released earlier this year on Glasgow’s Possession Records. It is a continuation of the ongoing […]

Music Profile in Ion Magazine

13 April 2018

Ahead of a performance at Vancouver’s Verboden Festival starting Friday, April 13th an interview was conducted for the Canadian music/arts website Ion Magazine. Read on! Of the reviews that have popped up so far for The Outsider in the Mirrors, the latest full-length release from Glasgow-based darkwave solo project Soft Riot, none are quite as […]

Soft Riot | "The Outsider In The Mirrors" LP Insert image cropped

Premiere: Soft Riot interview for Japan

1 April 2018

A new interview is up now for the Japanese online website, Cold Experiment. This interview was conducted somewhat recently and covers a lot of topics, including a lot of things relating to the music and the creative process as well as films, directors, architecture and top five records (well, at least the first top five […]

Soft Riot | Promo Photo 3 | March 2018

The Man In The Mirrors: Interview with Ghettoblaster

15 March 2018

A new interview is up on the US music website, Ghettoblaster. It was done with Tim Anderl, who has done a couple of other interviews with Soft Riot over the years. Here we cover anniversaries, humour, re-location and Fleetwood Mac vs. Antioch Arrow. Glasgow, Scotland’s Soft Riot is the stylised musical alter-ego of JJD. Canadian […]

Video Interview with The Wave Of Things

1 March 2018

  Recently a video interview was done with André Savetier, a European synth/post-punk music writer who has recently started a new video series called The Wave Of Things. This interview was the first in the series, which provides an interesting approach to discussing music that artists in the synth/wave scene create in a more candid […]

Organised Chaos: Hausfrau talks to The Skinny about Possession

2 February 2018

  Claudia Nova (Hausfrau) had a chat with The Skinny recently about our label Possession Records about how it started, future plans and our love for bad sci-fi and Unsolved Mysteries: Glasgow’s music scene is one that we’re all very aware of and proud of as a nation – it’s testament to the bazillion artists, […]

Soft Riot - The Eyes On The Walls | Still 3

“The Eyes On The Walls” Video Premiere

2 February 2018

The first official “music video” for the forthcoming album The Outsider In The Mirrors premieres today on It is the second video from the album, the first being a informational film about the album as if it were set in some alternate dimension. The first video from the latest Soft Riot album is a […]

Soft Riot | MirrorCube | Summer 2017

An interview with

29 January 2018

With the release date of the new album The Outsider In The Mirrors (Possession Records) coming up pretty quick there’s been a bit of time giving the answers to the questions being asked in a variety of interviews. Here’s the first one to go up, in the UK-based online magazine Altvenger. Thanks to editor Marija […]

Double Vision: No Longer Stranger & Fiction Prediction 2x LP!

13 January 2018

  Well, not an entirely new proper 2xLP but now available as two LPs in once package, Volar Records is offering the first two Soft Riot LPs, No Longer Stranger and Fiction Prediction at a pretty nice discounted rate to the advantage of listeners in North America. Only $10.00 for both (exc. shipping). No Longer […]

Pre-Orders for “The Outsider In The Mirrors” Start Now!

7 January 2018

Yes, you’ve seen it: pre-orders for the new Soft Riot album The Outsider In The Mirrors start today! The official release date is on 09 February 2018. This record is the first Soft Riot album on Possession Records, a relatively new Glasgow-based label run by JJD, Claudia Nova (Hausfrau) and Andy Brown (Ubre Blanca). You […]