All Songs: Every released track in alphabetical order

20 October 2023
Soft Riot — image of six albums released on vinyl
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Here’s one for those interested. At some point during the “coronavirus lockdown era” — a period in which I managed to keep myself busy with things to do — and when that lockdown time went into the dark winter months, I somehow took it upon myself to make a detailed list of every Soft Riot song that was released… in alphabetical order. It was pretty “nerdy”, but I have a knack for archiving and this task scratched a certain itch. If anything it was a list I compiled for my own purposes.

I recently re-discovered that effort, and gave it a bit of an update. The result is a list of every SOFT RIOT song released in alphabetical order with a full legend of icons noting particular specs for each track released. The list itself totals out to just over 130 tracks, including singles, obscure compilation tracks and remixes done for other artists. This list doesn’t include remixes of Soft Riot tracks done by other artists.

A bit of a mundane entry, but there’s more exciting announcements in the horizon, including show and tour announcements so stay tuned.