Qual “Techsick” Video Premieres on Post-Punk.com

24 May 2024
Qual "Techsick" Video Still (Featured)
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Now up and online! The Post-Punk.com premiere of the video for the track “Tech Sick” by Qual which I contributed some shooting as well as done the editing and visual effects for. Overall it was a cool collaboration between myself, William Maybelline of Qual as well as  Maria Morris shot in both Athens as well as here in Glasgow over the course of a number of months. It was a fun one to do!

Below is an excerpt about the video from the premiere article:

The video for “Techsick” is a sensory plunge into a retro-futuristic nightmare. The eerie visuals, crafted by JJD and Maru, add layers of depth to the song’s thematic content, enhancing the sense of technological obsession. The showcase Maybelline writhing with his signature dance moves within a 3D grid, a digital arena that evokes both the nostalgic aesthetics of ’80s sci-fi and the unsettling prescience of Philip K. Dick. Co-starring Alice In Flower, the visuals were shot in Glasgow, Scotland, and Athens, Greece.

“Techsick” is a visceral experience. Rhys Fulber (Frontline Assembly) produced the track, and Nectarios Meintanis’s mastering ensured that every beat and synth line hit with calculated precision.

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