Arthur & Martha’s New Album with a Soft Riot Remix Out Now

8 May 2019
Arthur & Marta "Adjustments" CD | Cover
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Ten years after their previous album was released, and well after the project dissolved, London synth-pop duo Arthur & Martha have arisen again to release Adjustments, a collection of remixes from their album Navigation that was released in 2009. Shortly after I had moved from Vancouver, Canada to the London UK in the late 2000s, I met Alice from the duo through mutual friends. At one point we had started working on a cover of a popular Canadian 80s pop song, just for fun, but never got completed. Eventually I moved out of London but we still kept in touch here and there.

In late 2017 I was contacted to work out a remix for a track off their 2009 album Navigation, for which would be released on a CD that is a collection of remixes by various artists of tracks from that album into a new collection called Adjustments. This release has now seen the light of day and you can list to the Soft Riot remix of “Music For Hairproducts” below.

Both Adjustments and Navigation are released on the UK-based synth label Happy Robots. Check out the full remix album here!

You can also check out this interview with the UK online synth music mag Electricity Club where Happy Robots talk about this new remix release a bit:

HAPPY ROBOTS RECORDS Interview - The Electricity Club
HAPPY ROBOTS RECORDS Interview – The Electricity Club well as hosting the reunion of Alice Hubley and Adam Cresswell as ARTHUR & MARTHA, TEC005 on SATURDAY 2ND MARCH 2019 at The Islington will also be celebrating the 10th anniversary of Happy Robots Records.