Berberian Sound Studio | Masthead

Berberian Sound Studio

6 February 2019

A British sound engineer starts to loose his sanity when he goes to Italy to do audio work on a film that he has very little knowledge about. A brief synopsis is also provided for another Peter Strickland film, The Duke Of Burgundy, as well.

TheServant (1963) | Featured Image

The Servant

14 January 2019

The Servant (1963) packs a lot of social commentary, observations on British society at the time, good dialogue and some great cinematography.

Heart Of Midnight (1988)

Heart Of Midnight

9 January 2019

A young woman inherits a night club from a dead uncle and ends up dealing with red hallways, cynical cops, thugs, bumps in the night and giant eyeballs.

Images (1972) | Featured Image


17 August 2017

A very subtle yet unsettling “psychological horror” by Robert Altman, Images is one of his lesser known films, released in 1972 starring Suzannah York.

Night Of The Hunter | Still 1

The Night Of The Hunter

27 February 2014

Starring Robert Mitchum as the main antagonist, a con-man and murderer using the role of a preacher to carry out his dirty deeds.