SOFT RIOT Film Klub | Picnic At Hanging Rock (Peter Weir, 1975) - Featured Image

Picnic At Hanging Rock

18 March 2020

Peter Weir’s 1975 classic mystery film, about a small number of Australian schoolgirls who at the turn of the 20th century disappear mysteriously in the alien landscape of Australia’s iconic Hanging Rock without a trace, combining hazy, warm and delicate cinematography and costume design with a dark, supernatural menace.

The Keep | Still 1

The Keep

31 January 2019

American director Michael Mann does a supernatural film with Nazis, and although with its flaws, it has amazing atmosphere, visuals and an incredible soundtrack by Tangerine Dream that make this one a cult favourite with a lot of fans, including myself.

Let's Scare Jessica To Death | Masthead

Let’s Scare Jessica To Death

22 May 2016

An early 70’s subtle yet atmospheric psychological horror with added paranoia brought out by the film’s excellent synthesizer-based soundtrack.

Dr Caligari | Still 3

Dr. Caligari & Remote Control

1 June 2015

These two cult films are very stylised 80s films that play a lot of colour and quirky plots but also take inspiration from novelty science fiction films.

The Shout | Still 1

The Shout

8 December 2014

The Shout is an atmospheric 1978 film into a category I call “British folk horror”, soundtracked by Tony Banks of Genesis.

Repo Man | Masthead

Repo Man

6 December 2014

To kick this Film Klub section into some action, I thought I’d post a little overview about a great film in a category that I call “sci-fi punk”: Repo Man!

Altered States | Still 6

Altered States

20 March 2014

Altered States, while keeping a lot of director Ken Russell‘s filmic trademarks, is a more sinister science-fiction based film.

The Last Wave | Still 5

The Last Wave

11 March 2014

Peter Weir’s The Last Wave takes place in Australia and early in the film parts of the country are subjected to some unusual, violent weather.