SOFT RIOT Film Klub | Ninja Terminator (Godfrey Ho, 1986) - Featured Image

Ninja Terminator

19 March 2020

Godfrey Ho, considered the “Ed Wood” of Hong Kong martial arts cinema, released a sprawling amount of low budget ninja films in the 80s with American actor Richard Harrison. Expect badly dubbed dialogue, bizarre haircuts, martial artists in eyeliner, toy robots, a sizzling synth-heavy soundtrack and… Garfield phones.

Flash Gordon | Ming & Princess Aura

Flash Gordon

17 June 2019

A fun, camp and cult science film that bombed at the box office when it came out, it’s a hyper-stylised film with fashion and visuals that seem to be more aligned with hedonistic, high-fantasy disco than anything “science” related.

Miami Vice vs. Bergerac

29 January 2019

Both Miami Vice and Bergerac were popular TV crime shows on either side of the Atlantic during the 1980s, and both shared a lot of similarities that perhaps made them the success that they were.

Metal Storm | Featured Image

“The year Is 2234, after the great world war…”

11 July 2010

“…the world has been totally annihilated by nuclear war and man’s greed. The earth’s surface has become an arid and scotched desert of sand and ash. Civilization has deteriorated into bands of nomadic warriors…”