White Belt Hardcore & Improvised Waves mixtapeHeavy Leather Promotions/Media is a London-based online website that covers the darker side of post-punk, posts mixes and covers topics relating to audiophile concerns.

The offer was presented to come up with a mix for their archive; and by “mix” I mean a proper mixtape, recorded on cassette and then submitted by post. Having the right tools at my disposal I went ahead and compiled a mix which was quite fun to do. It’s called White Belt Hardcore + Improvised Waves.


This mix is a balance between being about influences, about being a bit autobiographical and also about documentating bands in a general nation-wide “scene” I was in at the time. It starts off with some key influencial bands for me that were more in the early 90s punk/hardcore scene and then newer bands that appeared in the fold that shifted things in a more post-punk and synth direction out of the more “punk” sound they had been more associated with years earlier. A lot of these bands were favourites of mine, or I vaguely knew some of the people involved. Overall, I felt it was important to provide notes for each entry as the whole playlist would actually make no sense to anyone who didn’t grow up without knowing at least half of these bands.


I thought originally about doing an wave/synth mix for the “un-educated” but there’s soooo much stuff out there and I really wanted to avoid all the standard bands. Although I kept it to bands from way back in the day, this mix is actually a lot more random and unplanned than how I’d approach doing an educational mix. It’s stuff I’ve listened to recently, or stuff I found scouring through records or old mixes or just chucked in for no reason. The mix does however work more coherently than I’ve described in this overview.

Check out the whole mix below:

SOFT RIOT: White Belt Hardcore/Improvised Waves: Mix Feb 2018

SOFT RIOT: White Belt Hardcore/Improvised Waves: Mix Feb 2018 mix is a balance between being about influences, about being a bit autobiographical and also about documentating bands in a general nation-wide “scene” I was in at the time.…

Repartiseraren meets Soft Riot - Years Of Riot (Mixtape 2016)

Years Of Riot (Mixtape 2016)

The Swedish online music magazine Repartiseraren recently got in touch to ask if they could compile a mixtape of Soft Riot material into an online mix. The result is a 2 hour retrospective of material. Here’s more info from Repartiserarnen themselves:

“Soft Riot is just not another electronic act to me. He produces a very special sound with his music that resonates with my experimental and my electronic side. Every album he releases seem to have been crafted from perfection itself. To show off his skills and tracks, Repartiseraren have created a mixtape that spans from his first album No Longer Stranger (2011) to his forthcoming Sounds In Alternate Pictures (2016), a compilation album of remixes done by Soft Riot between 2012 and 2016.”

“As you’re going to hear everything from the start til’ the end, there’s also some miscellaneous songs that have been included for your pleasure, as well as exclusives from his forthcoming remix album.” READ MORE

The Soft Riot Playlist Header
Originally airing this past Monday, January 18th on the Doncaster Electronic Foundation‘s weekly Monday night show, I was asked to provide a playlist of songs that I had some connection or personal engagement with. The playlist is likely a bit of an oddball mix of songs given that my musical interests when I was young were a bit unorthodox. Given that there’s a few “lost” gems in there including 90s synthesizer/post-hardcore band The VSS and their one album “Nervous Circuits”, some lesser known Canadian synth bands from back in the day as well as some tracks from projects I was involved in that have been dragged out of the vaults. READ MORE

Der Hammer logoIt’s been a couple of years now but here’s finally a new mix on this site! Along with activities with Soft Riot, I’m also curating a club night in Sheffield called Der Hammer and this mix is selection of tracks I’ve been playing at our first couple of events containing tracks by classic artists as well as new and active artists in the general synthesizer category: synthpop, electro, italo, minimal wave, Neue Deutsche Welle, old school EBM and more. If you want to find out more about the night, live in the Sheffield area and want invites to future events, please join our group here for more information. Here is a track list:

Excerpt from “Sheffield: City On The Move”
The Human League | A Crow And A Baby
Bal Paré | Palais d’Amour
M&G | When I Let You Down
White Car | The Bridge
Simple Minds | Changeling
Martin Dupont | Inside Out
Geneva Jacuzzi | Do I Sad?
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft | Absolute Body Control
Japan | European Son
Transfigure | Nothing More, Only Less
Alles | My
Sur Une Plage | Restaurant
Yazoo | Situation
Nacht Analyse | Mann Von Nebenan
Victrola | Maritime Tatami
Sally Dige | Doppelgänger
The Cure | Primary
Berndsen | Game Of Chance
Parade Ground | Gold Rush
Fad Gadget | Fireside Favourites

DER HAMMER / DJ JJD Selections 01 by Softriot on Mixcloud

In the running up to the live show at The Bedroom Bar, London UK for Abattoir this coming Wednesday, Feb 19th, here’s a mix and short interview conducted with Abattoir (from their official site) :

Soft Riot interview for ABATTOIR live and an exclusive mix | abattoirtheparty

Soft Riot interview for ABATTOIR live and an exclusive mix | abattoirtheparty am JJD of SOFT RIOT, sometimes lovingly referred to as Mr. Riot. With music in general I had an interest from a young age with a strange variety of influences. There was…

01. Johan Strauss “Sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30”
02. Green Magnet School “Throb” (1992)
03. Gina X Performance “Weekend Twist” (1980)
04. Frank (Just Frank) “Coeur Hanté” (2010)
05. Images In Vogue “S&M” (1980)
06. Dangerous Boys Club (DBC) “Electric” (2013)
07. Magas “Too Much Fear” (2003)
08. Ein-st-ein “Varsavia” (1985)
09. Scritti Politti “Absolute (Bigar Extended Edit)” (1984)