Der Hammer : DJ JJD Selections 02

Date : 4 May 2015

A second mix of tracks for the Sheffield night Der Hammer.

Der Hammer | Mix 2 Image


A second mix for a a club night in Sheffield myself and MM Lyle have been doing called Der Hammer and this mix is selection of tracks I’ve been playing at recently at our events, containing tracks by classic artists as well as new and active artists in the general synthesizer category: synthpop, electro, italo, minimal wave, Neue Deutsche Welle, old school EBM and more.

  1. Excerpt from BBC news (1990)
  2. Men Without Hats “Antarctica”
  3. Kas Product “So Young But So Cold”
  4. Saâda Bonaire “The Facts”
  5. Valerie Dore “Get Closer”
  6. Visage “The Anvil”
  7. John Maus “Bennington”
  8. Vision “Lucifer’s Friend”
  9. This Is The Bridge “Dead England”
  10. ADULT. “Idle (Second Thoughts)”
  11. Linear Movement “The Game”
  12. November Group “Pictures Of The Homeland”
  13. Ben Bloodygrave “Electric Friends”
  14. Liaisons Dangereuses “Peut être … Pas”
  15. Robert Hazard “Escalator Of Life”
  16. SNS “Everybody”
  17. The Glove “Mouth To Mouth”
  18. The Associates “Skipping”
  19. Cosmetics “Breathless”
  20. Front 242 “GVDT”
  21. I/II “Statues”
  22. Malaria! “You You”
  23. Fancy “Lady Of Ice”
  24. Bazooka “Alive”
  25. Trans X “Living On Video”
  26. John Foxx “Underpass”
  27. Spandau Ballet “To Cut A Long Story Short”