Darkwave Ditties

Date : 30 August 2023

An ever evolving playlist of mainly darker, electronic music — “darkwave” — and other related genres like minimal synth, EBM and electro that represent more well known and more obscure artists, mainly from the 21st century.

Soft Riot | Darkwave Ditties


With the revival of darker post-punk and synth-based music that took seed in the late 1990s, the variety, volume and style of these general genres has greatly expanded in the first two decades of the 21st century and continue on strong as we’re now three years into the third decade. This playlist is almost more of an archive of artists I’ve been adding to this playlist as I discover them — or more so — a place I can find select tracks by a wide range of more current artists working in those styles in one place.

The whole “darkwave” genre has greatly accelerated in the 2010s, especially with the floodgates opening with more internet-based documentation, social media, and newer, younger generations discovering the history and styles of this movement as the years go on.

Included in the playlist are a few select tracks from the new Soft Riot album No., the playlist also includes an ever expanding list of artists such as ones working from the turn of the millenium such as The Faint and ADULT. as well as many newer artists such as Boy Harsher, Actors, Automelodi, Lebanon Hanover, NNHMN, Rue Oberkampf, Iv/An, Uncanny Valley, Keluar and many more.

It should be noted that there are a good number of artists who were forerunners in the general “post-punk/darkwave” revival from around the turn of the century who aren’t included in this playlist, as their music is not on Spotify. The labels putting out releases by these artists are long gone, the artists long gone — in a time before social media and online streaming and perhaps haven’t benefitted from a somewhat obsession with archiving and reviving older music like their forerunner counterparts are from the 1970s and 1980s. Such artists include underground artists as Beautiful SkinGhost Orchids and many, many more.