Soft Riot on TXTBK’s CHVRCH XV BRXK3N 7ANGvAG3 Radio | Part 1

Date : 19 September 2012

Part 1 of a 3-hour SOFT RIOT-curated playlist ion TXTBK’s CHVRCH XV BRXK3N 7ANGvAG3 Radio

Soft Riot on TXTBK's CHVRCH XV BRXK3N 7ANGvAG3 Radio | Part 1


A 3-hour SOFT RIOT-curated playlist is now available online from TXTBK’s CHV?CH XV B?XK3N 7ANGvAG3 Radio on the online station www.bummerbliss.com. This set, split into two parts, airing Sunday, 23 September 2012.

This mix is Part 1, that starts off with an introduction by JJD himself and then moves into 7-8 tracks showcasing a selection of the current crop of London/UK synth/wave artists rising on the scene. This first half then moves onto a personally (and randomly) picked selection of similar artists from eras old and new.

Part II moves on with an explosion of energy from a personal and influential selection of avant garde, noise, post-hardcore and prog-punk bands from the last 10-20 years, building up to a free-floating drift of the last hour of the set, which swings into atmospheric, cinematic sounds.

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• Excerpt from the film “THE SHOUT” (1978)
• JJD Intro Segment (over intro to SOFT RIOT “How Can You See Them?”)
• SOFT RIOT “Cinema Eyes” 2012
• NOI KABÁT “I Corrode” 2012
• DAVE I.D. “ILikeTheSoundOfThemWithoutMe” 2009
• LEBANON HANOVER “Kunst” 2012
• A TERRIBLE SPLENDOUR “China Doll” 2012
• MILD PERIL “Orb Two” 2012
• LINEA ASPERA “Synapse” 2012
• LEBANON HANOVER “Die World (Soft Riot’s Ice Cave Version)” 2012
• FUNERALS “Aitu (Radio Edit)” 2011
• ANIMAL BODIES “Thought and Conquence” 2011
• KONNICHIWA “Maiden China” 2011
• THE FLOOR “Glass Heart” 2005
• AUTOMELODI “Buanderie Jazz” 2010
• LAZER CRYSTAL “Love Rhombus” 2011
• PSYCHE “Unveiling The Secret” 1986
• LONG HIND LEGS “Alphabet of Unreason” 1996
• RONNY “To Have And Have Not” 1981
• BAUHAUS “Of Lillies and Remains” 1981
• BEAUTIFUL SKIN “Inhiding” 2000
• MAGAS “Statue” 2009
• Excerpt from the film “REPO MAN” over title credits music from the film “FUTURE KILL”