Soft Riot | Ambient Zone

Ambient Zone

2 August 2023

A selection of late-night, astral trance favourites, recommendations with inclusion of select Soft Riot and Ostrofti tracks — long soothing drones, abstract sub-dued minimalism, and vast open cosmic spaces for those quiet hours. Ambient, synth, found and treated sounds.

Soft Riot | Electro-Funk Jams

Electro-Funk Jams

27 July 2023

A selection of electro-funk favourites, a genre that gets a lot of listens at home and in the studio and maybe even some inspiration for the music of Soft Riot. Rubbery basslines, locking grooves, staccato synth bursts and generally a fun, uplifting listen.

Jack (Soft Riot) for Glasgow's Radio Buena Vida (April 2023)

Soft Riot for Radio Buena Vida (April 2023)

28 April 2023

A new mix for Glasgow’s community station Radio Buena Vida, including tracks a mix of new wave, post-punk and electronic tracks by artists old and new such as Bleached Heat, The Serfs, Zeroset, Iv/An and more.

BlueBoutique x Soft Riot Selections | Featured Image

BlueBoutique x Soft Riot Selections

14 April 2023

A selection of tracks created for this mix playlist for Glasgow-based nite-life promoter Blue Boutique as part of their series of curated playlists. Check it out!

Readymix Cement 003 | Cover Image

Ready Mix Cement 003

16 September 2020

After a bit of a break Readymix Cement is back with a third instalment; the first as we go into the autumn of 2020.

Readymix Cement 002 | Cover Image

Readymix Cement 002

16 August 2020

With the recent passing of Unwound bassist Vern Rumsey, this mix starts with a more unique post-hardcore introduction of that band’s track “Corpse Pose” from their seminal album Repetition (1996). This is the second installment of Readymix Cement.

Readymix Cement 001 | Cover Image

Readymix Cement 001

6 August 2020

This is the first of a series of curated mixes as Possession Records, featuring an array of favourite tracks by new and old artists in the postpunk, synth, minimal, darkwave and other eclectic genres.

Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves IV : Soundtracks Of The Mind

Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves IV : Soundtracks Of The Mind

5 January 2020

This is the final of three new instalments of the series of mixes done over the winter entitled “Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves”; this one being the most dynamic of the set, having more of a focus on favourite pieces from film soundtracks.

Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves II : Synthesizer Worlds

Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves II : Synthetic Worlds

10 December 2019

This mix, Synthetic Worlds, is a selection of more synthesiser-based pieces from classic artists from years gone as well as newer tracks by current artists, including friends and peers I know expanding in that universe of sound, creating new worlds to travel in and out of.

Heavy Leather Mix : Whitebelt Hardcore and Improvised Waves

Soft Riot Presents: White Belt Hardcore / Improvised Waves

1 March 2018

A double-sided cassette mix done for London’s Heavy Leather Productions: side one being some key influences and side two being a curated playlist of electronic and post-punk oddities.

"Years Of Riot" Mix Cover

Repartiseraren meets Soft Riot

8 April 2016

Swedish online music mag Repartiseraren got in touch to ask if they could compile a 2 hour mixtape retrospective of Soft Riot material into an online mix.

The Soft Riot Playlist on DEF

20 January 2016

A Soft Riot curated playlist aired on Doncaster Electronic Foundation featuring some selected personal electronic tracks from artists old and new.

Der Hammer | Mix 2 Image

Der Hammer : DJ JJD Selections 02

4 May 2015

A second mix of tracks for the Sheffield night Der Hammer.

Der Hammer | logo

Der Hammer : DJ JJD Selections 01

1 February 2015

This mix is selection of tracks I’ve been playing at Der Hammer containing tracks by new and classic synthesizer artists.

A Colder Consciousness | Logo

A Colder Consciousness #82

6 February 2014

Soft Riot goes into the Resonance FM studio with A Colder Consciousness, discussing music, playing tracks and then discussing those, resulting in this mix.

White Lodge | Canadian Tuxedo - Part 2 | Cover

White Lodge 007 : Canadian Tuxedo, Part 2

12 December 2012

This is part two of a two-part mix makes up a 2-hour retrospective of Canadian synth, new wave, electronics and post-punk music with some select pop and space-rock tunes. From obscure, underground gems to select radio hits and everything in between that came out between 1978-1986.

Soft Riot on TXTBK's CHVRCH XV BRXK3N 7ANGvAG3 Radio | Part 1

Soft Riot on TXTBK’s CHVRCH XV BRXK3N 7ANGvAG3 Radio | Part 1

19 September 2012

Part 1 of a 3-hour SOFT RIOT-curated playlist ion TXTBK’s CHVRCH XV BRXK3N 7ANGvAG3 Radio

White Lodge 005 | Synth Or Swim | Fad Gadget

White Lodge 005 : Synth or Swim

3 May 2010

A representative slice out of the pool of synth-saturated, future-thinking music that I love, namely between the years of 1978 to 1985.