Readymix Cement 001

Date : 6 August 2020

This is the first of a series of curated mixes as Possession Records, featuring an array of favourite tracks by new and old artists in the postpunk, synth, minimal, darkwave and other eclectic genres.

Readymix Cement 001 | Cover Image


Following the Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves trilogy of mixes from the turn of this year, the title references the type of quick dry cement used in construction — a material that is mixed, poured and then dries quickly. These mixes are tracks that are compiled together on impulse and then set at a programme of about an hour. The idea is to put up a new mix every week or two so stay tuned.


BILL NELSON — “Hope For A Heartbeat” (1982)
FAD GADGET – “Love Parasite” (1982)
COSMETICS — “Breathless” (2013)
KUVINA — “Странник” (2018)
EAST WALL — “Ice Of Fire” (1991)
IV/AN —”Common Theme” (2018)
JYL — “Computer Love” (1984)
TWIN TOWERS – “The Joyful City” (2020)
TONES ON TAIL — “Means Of Escape” (1982)
MARTIN DUPONT — “He Saw The Light” (1987)
FRANK (JUST FRANK) — “Mr. Itagaki” (2010)
CHROME —”Inner Vacume” (1981)
BLEACHED HEAT — “How Well U Do It” (2020)
SIX FINGER SATELLITE — “White Temples” (1994)