OSTROFTI | Sudden Vision Zones | Video Still 01

Ostrofti “Sudden Vision Zones” official release and video premiere

6 November 2021

The four 4-track, hour-long album Sudden Vision Zones by Ostrofti is now finally and officially out now, including a mind-warping, sizzling hour-long video assembled by Flustervision (JJD + Georgina Penstkart) to accompany the release.

Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves IV : Soundtracks Of The Mind

Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves IV : Soundtracks Of The Mind

5 January 2020

This is the final of three new instalments of the series of mixes done over the winter entitled Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves; this one being the most dynamic of the set, having more of a focus on favourite pieces from film soundtracks.

Some More Terror Pre-Order and Other Happenings

4 September 2014

The latest offering Some More Terror is now available for pre-order in Europe through the Desire Records website. The album comes in cassette and digital format, the latter which will be available once the cassette ships. Sanity Muffin will be releasing the North American version of the cassette with different artwork. Some More Terror is […]


7 August 2011

Here’s the final version of the the film “Hansel and Gretel”, a seven minute sort about the fairy tale filmed by Lauren Levitt and Mitch Patrick. Soundtrack by Soft Riot. This has been submitted to this year’s London Underground Film Festival. HANSEL AND GRETEL (2011) HANSEL AND GRETEL (2011) from MITCH PATRICK on Vimeo.