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Soft Riot | It's No Laughing Matter (Obscure Dream Version)

It’s No Laughing Matter (Obscure Dream Version)

News, Soft Vault
8 January 2020

We’re into the first month of the new year and here’s a free download of a track for those interested. A new version of the track “It’s No Laughing Matter” featuring vocals of MM Lyle (Marcel Wave).

Soft Vault : The Connection

Journal, Soft Vault
8 April 2013

Well, here’s an old one. Old enough that I hadn’t heard it for over a decade and over time the memory of the track had morphed it into something quite different in my mind. “The Connection” was an outtake from the recording sessions of Radio Berlin‘s first album, Sibling. The album was recorded in the […]


Journal, Soft Vault
28 December 2010

Back in the days when I relied on my trusty old vinyl record player, chunky tape decks and absolutely unreliable CD player to provide music it was an absolute distraction to continually have to change up the music as I was doing other things like working, cooking, doing some sketchy DIY work or in the […]


Journal, Soft Vault
23 August 2010

Well, here’s a little mini-series that I’ve started in this little corner of online space for both of you that might be interested. Stashed away on the dustier parts of the several hard drives that I own lay dorment older musical excursions that never made it public. As I was moving items from shelf to […]