You Never Know What Might Come Next

Year : 2015
Label(s) : EXBTN
Formats : Digital, Limited Edition CD, Vinyl LP
Soft Riot | You Never Know What Might Come Next | Vinyl LP Cover



You Never Know What Might Come Next is the latest album by Soft Riot, further honing an atmospheric synth pop sound that was starting to be explored on the sophomore album, Fiction Prediction and after a brief detour on the third album of more instrumental soundscapes Some More Terror.

Soft Riot is a time gap, discreetly passing between the two worlds – one being the new age and the other a futuristic landscape, at the same time augmented by dystopian and utopian extremes – “zwischen die Elementen” – the world of today, a teaser with the scent of nostalgia, patiently exposing themselves in all of their synthetic beauty and the beast.

The very title – “You Never Know What Might Come Next” is as threatening a warning, as it is a hint of a pleasant surprise; it raises questions, it makes you wonder, thus it’s succeeded in its mission to make you, the listener, a great part of it – helping signalling over its transmissions. Go as far as you can go!

Soft Riot is the ultimate reflection of what happens next in the (real) world of countless blade runners – while crossing over into a “darker” chapter of “Electric Dreams”, with Edgar exhausting his consumer-friendly hit radio-play for the effective reality check.

Artificial intelligence realising the possible truth; “Orpheus IV” disappointed with the prospects of human “development”. The computer itself not promising too much and not taking away what’s already in question, but reconstructing the subject matters into particles, mutating them into pixels of a brighter tomorrow morning shine. It’s stormy cold but at the same time, an honest, warm – fantastic story told. And yes, it’s better than the real thing!



This version of the album “You Never Know What Might Come Next” comes with four extra tracks that won’t be available on the standard digital and vinyl LP editions of the album to come out in May/June 2015. The cover of this version slightly different (colourised) than the standard edition LP (in black and silver ink) as well as the digital. This version comes with the following:

  • 2 extra tracks in addition to the 8 on the standard edition. These extra tracks are from the recording/mixing sessions.
  • A third track: a version of “You Never Know What Might Come Next” done with a live rhythm section of JJD on bass guitar and Joshua Wells (Black Mountain, Sur Une Plage) on drums and extra synths. Recorded in mixed in JJD’s hometown of Vancouver BC.
  • A fourth extra track, a cover of “We Are The Chopped” by Nomeansno. The original is from their 1982 album Mama.
  • 12 page booklet with lyrics, information and sketches.
  • Environmentally friendly “Digifile” packaging (no plastic)
  • A card that contains (a) a code that gives you 30% of any future purchases in the Soft Riot store (no time limit) and (b) a download code for stem audio files for the title track, “You Never Know What Might Come Next” for possible remix variations on the track.

Only available through the Soft Riot store or at live performances.
* these tracks are only the limited CD version.



“You Never Know What Might Come Next” Promo Video

“For Your Entertainment” Promo Video

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