Master Tape

Year : 2020
Formats : DVD, VHS
Soft Riot | Master Tape - square cover


MASTER TAPE : A Video Collection | 2010-2020 compiles one decade of video output, including 14x music videos, 2x Possession Records short films promoting When Push Comes To Shove (PSSN04) and The Outsider In The Mirrors (PSSN02) as well as various incidental footage into one compilation of Soft Riot videos that totals in at 1 hour, 45 minutes running time.

In an age where most musical artists release their videos to the world in a streamable format on major platforms such as YouTube, this limited edition release offers a proper, physical archive to document this creative aspect of Soft Riot’s musical vision that are being offered to fans or those with interest in the intersection of music and video. The fourteen music videos featured on this compilation cover tracks from earlier releases of Soft Riot, such as 2012’s Another Drone In Your Head all the way up to more recent releases, such as 2019’s When Push Comes To Shove and 2020’s Chin Up. With exception of the video produced for the track “Your Own Private Underworld” (produced by Wild Beast productions), all of the videos have been filmed, directed and edited by JJD along with the hand of contributors such as Glasgow-based video artist Georgina Penstkart (Flustervision), MM Lyle (Marcel Wave) and various others.

This is a limited release, available in small numbers only through the Possession Records online store. Both DVD and VHS formats come with a 32-page booklet containing still and notes from the videos. The VHS version is hand-duplicated.


  1. Possession Short Film 002
  2. Fate’s Got A Bone To Pick With You
  3. Taking Off The Edge
  4. By The Skin Of Your Teeth
  5. Your Own Private Underworld
  6. You Never Know What Might Come Next
  7. Modern Dread
  8. Laughter Takes Off The Edge
  9. You Can’t Please Everyone
  10. Cinema Eyes
  11. The Eyes On The Walls
  12. You Are A Caged Dancer
  13. Who Knows Where You’ll Be
  14. Possession Short Film 001
  15. Waiting For Something Terrible To Happen
  16. For Your Entertainment

You can view the online versions of these videos here.

Technical Notes

The DVD version of this release is set for Region 2, but can be played in multi-region players. The VHS version is set to PAL encoding.