Linked Between Two Minds

Year : 2023
Formats : Digital Single
Soft Riot : Linked Between Two Minds | Digital Single Cover



Linked Between Two Minds is the second of two digital single releases from the 2023 album No. It contains the titular track “Linked Between Two Minds” from that album as well as the non-album track “The Director”, which was recorded and mixed with all of the tracks from the No. release but was not selected for the final album release. The track has a slight EBM feel, but was written with the intention of having an extremely loose, almost “un-quantised” feel intentionally with lyrics on the topic of the creative process.

The second remix of the title track comes courtesy of Berlin-based electronic artist Oberst Panizza (Young & Cold Records), who has also played in post-punk groups Velvet Condom and List Noire.

Closing up this release is an alternate version of “Linked Between Two Minds” envisioned by Soft Riot — the “Night Trance Version”, which takes on a completely re-structured approach from arrangement, feel and sound design from the original, transposing the main motifs from that track into a more reflective and meditative mood piece.


Tracks 1 and 3 recorded between Summer 2020 and Summer 2022 by Jack D at Studio Carillon, Glasgow UK. Production and arrangement on Track 2 by Olivier Panizza. Track 4 recorded in Spring 2023 by Jack D at Studio Carillon. Tracks 1, 3 and 4 recorded and produced by JJD. Artwork and photography by JJD. Mastered by Josh Stevenson at Otic Mastering in May 2023. Artwork and design by JJD as JJD Works.


  1. Linked Between Two Minds
  2. Linked Between Two Minds (Oberst Panizza Remix)
  3. The Director
  4. Linked Between Two Minds (Night Trance Version)

Catalogue Number : PSSN10.B