Soft Riot | Sounds In Alternate Pictures (A Collection)
Release Date  2016
Format  CD / Digital
Record Label(s) 

Sanctum Reigns

Where To Buy 

Where to buy : Soft Riot Store

This album compilation contains twelve compositions released between 2012 and 2015. These tracks are redone versions of songs composed by other artists, friends and musicians. Many of these tracks retain most of the original structure, phrasing and chord progressions of the original composition but with all or most of the original instrumentation re-recorded and re-produced by Soft Riot. The vocal tracks by the original artists remain close the original over top of these new compositions, referred to as versions.

Further notes on the original track, artist and how/when the tracks were released can be found by looking at the information on each individual track.

  1. N?I KABÁT’s Seeds Of Time (Soft Riot’s Shatter Version)
  2. ATTRITION’s One Horse Rider (Soft Riot’s Sunday Driver Version)
  3. LEBANON HANOVER’s Die World (Soft Riot’s Ice Cave Version)
  4. CELEBRATION’s Razor’s Edge (Soft Riot’s Piece of Mind Version)
  5. WINDOW TWIN’s Don’t Let Me Down (Soft Riot’s Wormhole Version)
  6. I/II’s Top Of The Pops (Soft Riot’s Pale Version)
  7. A TERRIBLE SPLENDOUR’s China Doll (Soft Riot’s Touch Version)
  8. TSTI’s Queen of Swoons (Soft Riot’s Rituals Version)
  9. SUR UNE PLAGE’s Minimum (Soft Riot’s Fiction Version)
  10. KELUAR’s Cleo (Soft Riot’s Waves Version)
  11. BABE RAINBOW’s Set Loose (Soft Riot’s Manhunter Version)
  12. The Holy Intruder