Hyperbolic Masses - Cassette - Cover Square

Hyperbolic Masses

Soft Riot
Release Date  2012
Format  Limited Edition Cassette
Record Label(s) 

Sanctum Reigns (SANCT002)

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This cassette is a limited edition run, released in May 2012 that contains eight tracks: three released on the Another Drone In Your Head EP plus five tracks from Fiction Prediction, at that point then not released yet.

The cassette playback program contains extra incidental material not found in the MP3 versions. Packaging is a 4-over-4 panel J-Card containing lyrics, artwork and notes. Each J-Card is hand-numbered to a total of 75 copies of this release. This cassette contains a download code for free 320kbps MP3 versions of the tracks.

Soft Riot "Hyperbolic Masses" Cassette CoverSoft Riot on this release was JJD: Voice, synthesizers, samplers, programming, found sounds.
Additional vocals in “There Just Isn’t Enough Time” by MM Lyle. All tracks written in 2011-2012 by Soft Riot (Jack Duckworth). Tracks 1, 6 and 8 originally released on the “Another Drone In Your Head” EP available through Tundra Dubs. Lyrics and vocal melody in “You Can’t Please Everyone” originally used in another track of the same name written by JJD and William Winslow-Hansen in 2005. Tracks recorded in sessions between Summer 2011 and Spring 2012 at Studio 10 and Studio 55 in London, England. Artwork by JJD. Photo of Soft Riot by Del Jae.

  1. Another Drone In Your Head
  2. There Just Isn't Enough Time
  3. You Can't Please Everyone
  4. Write Yourself Into The Void
  5. Some Abstract Terror
  6. You've Got To Use It
  7. Do Less
  8. How Can You See Them?