SOFT RIOT Fiction Prediction cover

Fiction Prediction

Soft Riot
Release Date  2013
Format  Vinyl LP / CD / Cassette / Digital
Record Label(s) 

Other Voices (Europe) | Volar Records (North America)

Where To Buy 

Physical Formats : Other Voices Records (Europe), Volar Records North America, Rough Trade UK, Clear Spot (Europe), Aufnahme + Wiedergabe (Europe) | Digital : Other Voices, Volar Records, iTunes, Amazon

Soft Riot is Jack Duckworth, a former Vancouverite now living in London who traces his musical beginnings to the vibrant underground art-punk/hardcore scene emergent across the Canadian and American west coasts in the mid-90s. Duckworth was among the fixtures in that community’s northern outpost before helping to consolidate the early outpourings of a larger pre-“synth/new-wave” revival with his band Radio Berlin alongside others like Black Mountain, Wolf Parade, Frog Eyes, etc, though his output has shifted at least a few degrees from that older sound. His move to London is at the heart of his ongoing personal maintenance; the new atmosphere and cultural dynamic giving fuel to Soft Riot, previously just a concept.

Fiction Prediction collects Duckworth’s latest material, recorded after the songs that populated his previous album/EP, No Longer Stranger (originally released on Panospria, the EP was expanded and released as an LP by Volar Records). A heavy dose of throbbing arpeggiated synths coupled with Duckworth’s ongoing romp through the annals of sci-fi film history keeps the album well grounded, minimal synths describing the parameters of his psychedelic soundscapes. Coming from a punk rock pedigree Duckworth brings an unusual focus on lyrical content to his music. In evocative detail, Duckworth builds images through song as he explores a range of disparate themes; modern living and overpopulation, technology and enlightenment, state surveillance and prognostication. These influences come less from other artists, and more from written fiction and cinema — a future predicted by fiction!

  1. Another Drone In Your Head
  2. There Just Isn't Enough time
  3. Cinema Eyes
  4. Terminal Love Song
  5. Some Abstract Terror
  6. The Commuters
  7. Write Yourself Into The Void
  8. A Spinning Wheel
  9. You've Got To Use It
  10. Your Own Private Underworld
Digital/CD Only
  • Cinema Eyes (Extended Mix)
  • The Commuters (Extended Mix)
Cassette Only
  • How Can You See Them**
  • Soundtrack to Hansel & Gretel
Vinyl LP comes with download code