SOFT RIOT "Another Drone In Your Head"
Release Date  2012
Format  Digital Extended EP
Record Label(s) 

Tundra Dubs

Where To Buy 

Digital : Soft Riot store

SOFT RIOT EP “Another Drone In Your Head” released on Tundra Dubs ( in February 2012. Three original tracks plus remixes by Funerals, Chris Flatline, ?AIMON, Babe Rainbow and William Winslow-Hansen. Catalogue #TND032.

Soft Riot is JJD: Voice, synthesizers (Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Dave Smith), samplers (Akai), programming, found sounds. All tracks written and recorded Summer-Fall 2011 at Studio 10 in London, England by Soft Riot (Jack Duckworth). Remix arrangements in tracks 4-8 by the artists credited above. Lyrics and vocal melody in “You Can’t Please Everyone” originally used in another track of the same name written by JJD and William Winslow-Hansen in 2005. Tracks 1-3 mastered by Josh Stevenson at Otic Sound. Artwork by JJD.

  1. Another Drone In Your Head
  2. You Can't Please Everyone
  3. Do Less
  4. Variations on "Another Drone In Your Head" by Mild Peril
  5. You Can't Please Everyone (?AIMON Remix)
  6. You Can't Please Everyone (William Winslow Hansen's Von Trapp Zombie Mix)
  7. You Can't Please Everyone (Babe Rainbow Refix)
  8. Do Less (FUNERALS Remix)