JJD | The Outsider In The Mirrors sleeve imageA new interview is up now for the Japanese online website, Cold Experiment. This interview was conducted somewhat recently and covers a lot of topics, including a lot of things relating to the music and the creative process as well as films, directors, architecture and top five records (well, at least the first top five records that came to mind at the time).

Thanks to Takuya at Cold Experiment for the opportunity and Nao Katafuchi for the translation, as well as friends, labelmates and fellow musicians mentioned in the interview. You can read it in both English and in Japanese.

Thank you for accepting the interview this time and congratulations on the release of the new album and the start of the label. First of all, please tell us the concept of Soft Riot and your career so far.

And thanks for talking to me! The concept for Soft Riot has shifted over the years. It officially started back in early 2011 but I had been messing around with it casually for years before that. It was something I experimented with on the side while I was playing in other bands. I moved to the UK from Vancouver (Canada) in late 2007 and a few years later I started reviewing all the little sketches I had been creating over the years and focused my attention to getting them into some form of a release. This resulted in the original “No Longer Stranger” EP which was a digital-only release in early 2011 (later re-released as an LP in 2013).

The original concept worked with a more cinematic, minimal electronic sound — very much on an atmospheric dystopian sci-fi slant. I had a particular sound I was going for, down to how I inflected my voice for the project — making it like a hushed narrator observing things going on in the world.

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Soft Riot | March 2018A new interview is up on the US music website, Ghettoblaster. It was done with Tim Anderl, who has done a couple of other interviews with Soft Riot over the years. Here we cover anniversaries, humour, re-location and Fleetwood Mac vs. Antioch Arrow.

Glasgow, Scotland’s Soft Riot is the stylised musical alter-ego of JJD. Canadian by birth and an ex-resident of London and Sheffield, now based in Glasgow, he has over twenty years of hard fought and won dues paying under his belt, and myriads of experience playing in various post-punk and synth-punk bands. He has been crafting the sound of Soft Riot since the early turn of the decade, releasing a slew of albums across a multitude of labels and touring obsessively around Europe and beyond.

With The Outsider In The Mirrors, his sixth full-length, he has found a new home for his sound on Possession Records, a fledgling Glasgow imprint he founded with Claudia Nova (aka Hausfrau) and Andy Brown (Ubre Blanca). The Outsider… is a consolidation of all the stylistic elements Soft Riot has pursued in the past; manic propulsive energy, infectious, off-kilter dynamics, pulsing, elegiac synth washes are amongst the records many sonic palettes.. Comparisons to musical kindred spirits like John Foxx, DAF, early Depeche Mode, Fad Gadget and Virgin-era Cabaret Voltaire would be analogous, but JJD is defiantly fusing these basic references into something highly idiosyncratic and personal.

Ghettoblaster recently caught up with JJD to discuss the journey that led to his recent release.

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The Wave Of Things | Interview Screenshot

Recently a video interview was done with André Savetier, a European synth/post-punk music writer who has recently started a new video series called The Wave Of Things. This interview was the first in the series, which provides an interesting approach to discussing music that artists in the synth/wave scene create in a more candid fashion; coming across more like a conversation than a more standard question-and-answer written interview. You can check out the first episode below:

White Belt Hardcore & Improvised Waves mixtapeHeavy Leather Promotions/Media is a London-based online website that covers the darker side of post-punk, posts mixes and covers topics relating to audiophile concerns.

The offer was presented to come up with a mix for their archive; and by “mix” I mean a proper mixtape, recorded on cassette and then submitted by post. Having the right tools at my disposal I went ahead and compiled a mix which was quite fun to do. It’s called White Belt Hardcore + Improvised Waves.


This mix is a balance between being about influences, about being a bit autobiographical and also about documentating bands in a general nation-wide “scene” I was in at the time. It starts off with some key influencial bands for me that were more in the early 90s punk/hardcore scene and then newer bands that appeared in the fold that shifted things in a more post-punk and synth direction out of the more “punk” sound they had been more associated with years earlier. A lot of these bands were favourites of mine, or I vaguely knew some of the people involved. Overall, I felt it was important to provide notes for each entry as the whole playlist would actually make no sense to anyone who didn’t grow up without knowing at least half of these bands.


I thought originally about doing an wave/synth mix for the “un-educated” but there’s soooo much stuff out there and I really wanted to avoid all the standard bands. Although I kept it to bands from way back in the day, this mix is actually a lot more random and unplanned than how I’d approach doing an educational mix. It’s stuff I’ve listened to recently, or stuff I found scouring through records or old mixes or just chucked in for no reason. The mix does however work more coherently than I’ve described in this overview.

Check out the whole mix below:

SOFT RIOT: White Belt Hardcore/Improvised Waves: Mix Feb 2018

SOFT RIOT: White Belt Hardcore/Improvised Waves: Mix Feb 2018 mix is a balance between being about influences, about being a bit autobiographical and also about documentating bands in a general nation-wide “scene” I was in at the time.…

Possession Records Presents: Impressions | Bob Hatchett on "The Outsider In The Mirrors"

The Outsider In The Mirrors is officially out today on Possession Records! We asked JJD from Soft Riot‘s neighbour for his thoughts on the record to share with you in a short interview. This is the result.

The album is available in LP, CD, Cassette or Digital format. There’s also some information on the Possession Records site about other distributors that carry the record. You can buy it here. Many thanks to friends, fans and fellow musicians/artists around the world for support and inspiration.

There is a release show tonight in Glasgow at The Hug & Pint so come on down!