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Gettin’ into the details of films: analysis, overview, clips, images and in some cases how their influence creeps into what I do.

Kamikaze 1989 | Still 1

Kamikaze 1989

25 February 2014

A brief overview of the 1982 “West German cyberpunk thriller” Kamikaze 1989, directed by Wolf Gremm and starring Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

Bunker Palace Hotel | Still 1

Bunker Palace Hôtel

17 February 2014

This is the first film by Enki Bilal, a French-Serbian graphic novelist whole directed only three or four films over the course of 25 years.

It Happened Here 1 | Still 1

It Happened Here

13 September 2011

A 60s British film that asks “what if Hitler took over Great Britain in WWII?”

Atrocity Exhibition (2000) 2


5 September 2011

A brief note regarding a couple of lesser known film adaptations of works by J.G. Ballard, a highly influential british author known for writing classic dystopian, post-industrial fiction.

Metal Storm | Featured Image

“The year Is 2234, after the great world war…”

11 July 2010

“…the world has been totally annihilated by nuclear war and man’s greed. The earth’s surface has become an arid and scotched desert of sand and ash. Civilization has deteriorated into bands of nomadic warriors…”