Soft Riot & Carlos Grabstein “Rebuilding It Again” Video Premiere

27 July 2023
Carlos Grabstein
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This is the final remix to be featured from the A Spade Is Played Again extended single that released a few weeks ago. This version, “Rebuilding It Again” is a collaborative track between Soft Riot and Berlin-based electronic musician and DJ Carlos GrabStein, originally from Mexico City. The track is based on an entire re-working of the Soft Riot track “A Spade Is Played Again” from the extended single of the same name, with Grabstein completely transforming the original concepts and vocals of that track into a new beast of its own. This new version is also included on that single and will be released on vinyl on Upperwave selections 4 on Miseria Records.

This single also has a video that premiered today, with Grabstein also remixing and and adding in extra footage to the “A Spade Is Played Again (Breakdown Version)” video.

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