and Kool Rock Radio premiere the video for “Linked Between Two Minds”

25 July 2023
Soft Riot | Linked Between Two Minds — Video Still
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UP NOW! Many thanks to and Kool Rock Radio for premiering this new video for this track. It’s the first single off the forthcoming album “No.” out 11 August 2023  as well as the title track off the new, extended single of the same name which is available today.

Music videos for me are an extension of my visual arts practice that I’ve been doing for decades for bands and promoters with poster design, collage work, album covers and more. I’ve been doing design and art for almost as long as I’ve been doing music. I’ve done most of the Soft Riot videos so far myself as well have worked with local Glasgow video artist Georgina Penstkart as Flustervision on videos for artists such as She Past Away, The Tomorrow Syndicate and Marta Raya.

Videos are taking visual ideas that come to mind and applying them to a song, moving in motion with the music. With “Linked Between Two Minds” the original idea came from a number of dreams I had relating the subject matter of the lyrics — strange and unexplained moments of mental synchronicity between two or more people, which maybe link into a grander, cosmic scheme of things.

This video is one that has taken me the longest to produce so far. I made storyboards of all of the “scenes” in the video and then presented them to a group of friends here in Glasgow — all who work or have worked in music, creative arts in performance — and we all got into a local arts/music space here one night and filmed ourselves in front a green screen after which I brought to life.

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