“A Spade Is Played Again (Breakdown Version)” video premiere on White Light // White Heat

30 June 2023
Soft Riot. | A Spade Is Played Again (Breakdown Version) — Video Still

The popular, underground music website White Light // White Heat has premiered the first video in relation to the forthcoming No. album, “A Spade Is Played Again (Breakdown Version)”. This track is an alternate version available on the A Spade Is Played Again single, which provides a number of variations and remixes of the titular album track “A Spade Is Played Again”.

“A Spade Is Played Again” drives nostalgic, overwhelming thought-provoking vibes through a vibrant and dissonant flamboyant concoction of urgent heavy stomping drum beats, bouncy droning bass oscillations and whirring  FXs, manically stabbed by jagged and screechy resounding guitar riffs, to surround depth-defying gravelly vocal magnetism with menacing echoes swept in deception and doom.

For the Breakdown version, I opted to bust out my electric guitar — I’ve always vetoed the idea of putting guitar in Soft Riot music, mainly as it would be too ridiculous to execute songs live with all that extra instrumentation but I figured for this one I’d make a new rule and break the rules to throw down some scrappy post-punk guitar and work out some hybrid version to play live.

You can read the full article on below, along with the video to view and a player to stream the A Spade Is Played Again single with the option to purchase.