“Back To Mine” with Soft Riot, out now at DMC World Magazine

3 May 2023

The online electronic music magazine DMC World reached out with a request to contribute a list of some favourite tracks for their “Back To Mine” series on their website. 10 tracks were chosen in all!

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With the release of the Soft Riot remix of “Ikko” by the Los Angeles-based musical project Newem (you can read more on that here), the online electronic music magazine DMC World reached out with a request to contribute a list of some favourite tracks for their “Back To Mine” series on their website. In this series, artists from around the world are asked to come up with a list of tracks they love or are currently listening to that they’d typically put on when guests go back to theirs for an afterparty.

You can link to the article below, with the videos listed further down.

Bill Nelson — “Flaming Desire”

I was late on the “Bill Nelson” train due to the un-assuming name, only really discovering him a few years back. A fantastic, well-written track from this early 80s album of visionary electronic meets post-punk songwriting.

The VSS — “What Kind Of Ticks?”

The VSS was a relatively unknown, 90s hardcore-turned-synth band what always gets included on my top 10 lists as it’s one of the bands that got me into synths and electronics when I was a teenager. This synth-heavy post-hardcore track opens Side B of their one and only album, “Nervous Circuits” released in 1997.

Rough Trade — “All Touch”

A cult Canadian new wave/glam group that pushed queer politics to the fore years in the late 70s and 80s before anyone else. I always love listening to Carole Pope’s lyrics and her unique, characterful vocal delivery.

The System — “It’s Passion”

I have a big love for American 80s electro-funk, and this album is one at the top of that list. There’s an earlier version of this song where Madonna is handling the vocal duties.

June Of 44 — “Cut Your Face”

Growing up as a young ‘un in the 90s I was really into punk and post-hardcore, some of which has stood the test of time — including newer bands. This album by June of 44, who have been playing again recently, has for some reason been getting a lot of plays as of late.

Chrome — “Inner Vacuum”

Chrome were a “space rock” band from San Francisco active in the 70s and 80s that were pegged as forerunners of the “industrial rock” genre. I tend to put on one of their LPs when I have guests over to go deep in the phased out, mind-fuck zone.

Uncanny Valley — “Youth”

Some good friends of mine based in London playing as Uncanny Valley released this LP about four years ago that gets a lot of late night plays. A very unique, distinct and dreamy take on the dark synth and industrial genres that creates a mood.

Angela Werner — “Aus Und Vorbei (Extended Mix)”

For years I’ve been listening to a lot Italo and related genres. My friends in the Unternull Collective in Bielefeld (DE) introduced me to this German classic when I was on tour there around a year or so ago.

Mark Lane — “Sojourn”

I think Shandy from the Glasgow-based electronic/dub group Pleasure Pool (who just released their debut LP on Optimo) introduced me to this one at my place at an afters late one night. An understated and underrated little minimal synth gem that you have to wait for a bit to kick into action.

Luke Requena — “Metallic Plastic”

I listen to a lot of ambient and drone music when I’m drifting off to sleep or just zoning or reading in the flat. My old friend Luke from my hometown of Vancouver released a gorgeous album called “Mirror Stage” on the Castles In Space label (UK) a couple of years ago that gets a lot of plays when I’m in bed.