Announcing the new album, “No.”

15 May 2023

The new SOFT RIOT album — NO.
Out 11 August 2023 on Possession Records (UK) and Wave Tension Records (NL)
Nine new tracks available on Vinyl LP, Digipak CD and Digital

Pre-orders start 09 June 2023

Extended digital singles from the album to also be released include A Spade Is Played Again (releasing late June) and Linked Between Two Minds”(releasing late July) will contain the title album tracks, alternate versions, remixes and unreleased tracks from the No. album sessions.

More info

Through social media channels I’ve been teasing little bits of this album for a while — songs, artwork, videos of songs coming together in the studio and more. It’s taken a little while to come together. Many of the songs started in the aimlessness of the coronavirus lockdown, with writing starting in late 2020. With the days seeming endless, this record came together differently than others. I was just writing songs for the sake of, and at one point ending up with ideas for 25-30 tracks.

Some of these were just fragments of and idea, and others far more developed than that. They all seemingly didn’t really make sense together for what seemed to be forever until I had a “eureka” moment last summer that gave me the inspiration to push a selection of those tracks to be completed, with one or two extras coming together along the way.

Overall a lot of time, skill, work and emotions were involved in building this to release to the work, with things like life, lack of time and self-doubt getting in the way. At times I can be my own worst critic (a trait common to a lot of creatives) but it got there in the end.

Thanks for your support. 🙏♥️

Also, the first 40 copies of the Vinyl LP ordered through BandCamp will come with a limited edition zine!