Newem’s “Ikko (Soft Riot Remix)” Out Now

28 April 2023
Newem - Siders (Cover)
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The Soft Riot remix of “Ikko” by Los Angeles-based Newem is out today on various digital platforms, including Spotify,  as listed below. Newem’s Sébastian Chenut (also from the renowned French DJ duo Scratch Massive) reached out a year or so ago, asking for a remixes for tracks for their Moonpark album, released in October 2022 on Bordel Records. Produced over a number of sporadic sessions since then, the track “Ikko” from that album came to being, and today is released on a new album collecting remixes from Moonpark, entitled Siders. Further remixes from this release come from artists such as Blaacon, Heidi Höven and Dave Aju.

In fact, two versions of remix were completed in the end, the “standard” version at 5m16s and a “short” version for radio at 3m45s. Both are included on the Siders release.

Marking the occasion of the release of Siders, a short Soft Riot interview was done for the online magazine DMC World and their “Back To Mine” features section, with a selection of tracks which you can read here.