Ostrofti “Sudden Vision Zones” official release and video premiere

6 November 2021
OSTROFTI | Sudden Vision Zones | Video Still 01
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The four 4-track, hour-long album Sudden Vision Zones is now finally and officially out now, including a mind-warping, sizzling hour-long video assembled by Flustervision (JJD + Georgina Penstkart) to accompany the release. This album, penned under the pseudonym OSTROFTI, originally had a super early pre-release back on the online store earlier this year but is now officially announced by the California based Meditape label, which in turn is a subsidiary imprint for the cult cassette label Sanity Muffin run by Billy Sprague.

Sudden Vision Zones is a sprawling quartet of ambient worlds running close to an hour in length. Working with the focus of creating music that works with the purpose of the label, and with a personal distancing from more club-oriented tracks in the age of social distancing, the four tracks on this release were written, recorded and mixed within five days in August 2020. A number of different composition techniques were used more freely for this release, and with some distance from the actual Soft Riot name, including blind overdubbing, long-duration “round” melodies and usage of a number a different approaches to synth/sound design that felt more suited to style of this release than others. The overall recording is in similar territory to Some More Terror and Chin Up, but fizzling out the more tense elements of those two releases, and diving deeper into dreamy and meditative atmospheres.

Or perhaps this description from Meditape itself might seem more suitable:

“This time for Glasgow dark synth, master signal flow puppetier Jack Duckworth AKA Soft Riot. What it might sound like is wandering the endless halls of a decaying barely online space craft as it slowly malfunctions and falls towards a black hole. Return to the control centre! Put your feet up on the sizzling control console and watch the beautiful demise of the body you no longer need on your next chapter. Slow moving massive weight into the abyss and beyond. Hope you’re sucking on your favourite crystals as you go down…”

“Sudden Vision Zones” Full-Length Visual Film

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For customers in Europe, use the Soft Riot shop and for those in North America, use the Meditape/Sanity Muffin shop.

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