Tral Neu mini-album on Tonal Shifts out now

10 October 2021
Tral Neu - Mini-albun | CD stack
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After over a year in the making, the release date has come for the mini-album on the Tonal Shifts label of Tral Neu, a collaborative, multi-country musical project featuring tracks by groups of musicians in the underground synth/wave scene. The Tral Neu project was initiated by Croatian synth artist Iv/An, bringing in a lot of artists friendly to each other on the scene, grouping together musicians to work on a track as an online collaboration.

Musicians involved include Violet Candide (Mitra Mitra, Violetiger, Peppy Pep Pepper), Dee Rüsche (Női Kabát, Zukunftsstadt), Peter Hope (Wrong Revolution), Mala Herba, Moira Kirstin Boyd, Madmoizel, Gran Bankrott (also of Starship Skysaw, 2 Pigs Under 1 Umbrella), Johnny Geiger (Postman), Richard Anderson (This Is The Bridge), Mikal Maldoror (Soda Gomorra / Ausländer) as well as Iv/An himself and contributions from yours truly.

For this release the track “Making The Same Mistake” features Iv/An on programming and synths, Madmoizel on vocals, synths and percussion as well as myself on vocals, synths, programming and arrangement.

The album itself contains six tracks and is now available on both digital and a custom-packaged CD, designed by Ivan at Tonal Shifts with cover photography starring Stelarc. Mastering for this release was handled expertly by Miroslav Piškulić.

Preview the album below, and buy it if you like it!

“Making The Same Mistake” Video

Many thanks to Ivan at Tonal Shifts for creating this video for the track, which contains extracts from the archival film “Jeus Des Reflets Et De La Vitesse” (1925) by Henri Chomette.