Steven Jones & Logon Sky feat. Steve Strange “Corrupt State (Soft Riot’s Switch Version)”

14 October 2021
Steve Jones & Logan Sky feat. Steve Strange "Corrupt State" cover
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Close to a year ago now I was asked by Logan Sky to do a remix for his project Steven Jones & Logan Sky. Logan was the synthesizer player and producer in the last line-up of the Blitz Club-based project Visage, featuring the legendary and dearly departed Steve Strange. The request for for a remix of the track “Corrupt State”, which was originally written in the latter days of Visage and co-opted into Logan’s current project. It was frankly an honour to be asked and even a more bizarre yet rewarding experience to get the individual original stems for that project, including the isolated vocal tracks of Steve Strange. The approach was to move the track into a more faster tempo and reworking a lot of the bass lines and rhythm tracks while still retaining some of Logan’s gorgeous synth work. Along with my own contributions, Marcel Wave also added additional vocals along with electronic percussion and samples to round out this final new version.

Originally released on an exclusive “cassette club” release earlier this year, the fully fleshed out Corrupt State release is now available for public consumption through Logan’s Etrangers Musique label in digital, cassette and digipak CD formats. All of the tracks on this release are quality stuff so it’s worth taking a listen.

“Corrupt State (Soft Riot’s Switch Version)”

Corrupt State


"Corrupt State" cassette