Chin Up digital artwork series now up on OpenSea

17 September 2021
CHIN UP "Modern Dread" | Artwork #12 of 12
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All of the single-track graphics for 2020’s Chin Up release are now available as in collection on the digital art marketplace OpenSea. These artworks were created upon the release of that album, each piece being detailed surreal collages relating to each of the 11 tracks on the album, including a twelve piece based on the inside panel graphic of the cassette and CD versions of that release. For this collection, the artworks have been amended slightly to remove the text so they stand as art-pieces on their own.

For anyone familiar with the online crypto art market or NFTs, these items will be available to bid on or purchased in batches as they’re released. Or you can just check out the collection just to see how they all work together. Further artworks from my many years of doing artwork and graphic design will be added to this account in the near future under the moniker Sanctum Reigns, which is a name used in the past for publishing.

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All artwork created by JJD as Soft Riot / JJD Works / Sanctum Reigns