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14 June 2021
SOFT RIOT "Second Lives" —
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Ahead of being released at the end of this month, the fantastic Japanese electronic music website Cold Experiment published a nice feature on the upcoming Second Lives record:

Cold Experiment is very proud to announce on its website an exclusive preview of the upcoming compilation album “SecondLives”, which will be released on June 28 to mark the 10th anniversary of Glasgow-based darkwave act SOFT RIOT. This work, which beautifully blends the danceable details influenced by Italodisco, new beat, and synthpop with the Sci-fi, punk rock, and psychedelic aspects that he has embodied up to now, reveals the appeal of Soft Riot over the past 10 years from the beginning to the present. Soft Riot is moving towards his next album, which is scheduled for release in late 2021 or early 2022.

You can check out the article on the link below, which is in Japanese. There’s also a translation published below that for those that do not have translation tools in their browser.

SOFT RIOT – SECOND LIVES | COLD EXPERIMENTグラスゴーのダークウェイヴ・アクト Soft Riotが、様々なコンピレーションに収録された既発表曲と旧曲のリワーク・バージョン、そして未発表曲など、合計8曲を収録したコンピレーション・アルバム「Second Lives」のリリースを発表しました。デビュー10周年に節目をつけるべく、自らの作品を振り返ったSoft…

Glasgow’s Dark Wave Act Soft Riot has released a compilation album “Second Lives” that includes a total of eight songs, including previously released songs from various compilations, reworked versions of old songs, and unreleased songs. Announced. Looking back on his work to mark the 10th anniversary of his debut, Soft Riot will move towards the next album, which is scheduled to be released in late 2021 or early 2022.

Originally, the concept of this release was an unreleased, more comprehensive archive collected over the last decade, including demos, miscellaneous data, and other short-lived data. However, in the finished Second Lives, this release has been tweaked for its own album, focusing on the important Soft Riot tracks to date, drawing on its strengths and old tracks (often). By updating (what is still playing live), the composition is given a new life and perspective. Due to the influence of the pandemic, many of the driving forces behind new songs remained unobtainable, and Soft Riot could release with lower commitment by switching gears as they prepared this compilation. He provided the right materials and inspiration while maintaining the momentum of the output.

Almost all the tracks in “Second Lives” are familiar to you, but they have a new sound that is completely different from the previous version, and it looks almost like a new album. The classics of yesteryear, hybridized with the current setup while retaining the prototype, are surprisingly uplifting with a new style and a contemporary mix. More danceable details that opened in 2019’s When Push Comes To Shove, influenced by Italo disco, new beat, and even the origins of synth pop, and the Sci-fi, punk rock, that he has embodied so far A perfect blend of psychedelic, this work is a work that approaches the charm of Soft Riot over the past 10 years from the early days to the present. The artwork also uses images of pioneering female icons , Helen Richey and Ruth St. Denis , with a message that they want to rediscover their achievements along with Soft Riot’s songs. I will.

In the Cold Experiment, all the tracks on this album have been exclusively released. As of June 14, 2021, these tracks are only available on and our site. Listen to these eight songs that have become a symbol of Soft Riot today with new instrumentation, vocal re-recordings, and new mixes.