Dream Baby Dream: Compilation Volume One

19 May 2021
Dream Baby Dream - Compilation: Volume One
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It feels good to announce this release, out next week on May 26th — the first compilation by the Berlin-based Dream Baby Dream label — Dream Baby Dream Compilation Volume One! The compilation features a brand new Soft Riot track entitled “A Spade Is Played Again” and features an incredible list of artists from Berlin and beyond including Phase Fatale, Halv Drøm, Front 313, Operant, Spit Mask, The Horrorist and many more. It will be available in digital format which you can pre-order or purchase on their Bandcamp. The Brvtalist has started a series of features on the compilation, including this first one with the label’s owner, Andrew Jigalin, which you can read here.

This new label is the brainchild of the staff of the bar of the same name based in Berlin, a place I’ve had the pleasure of frequenting numerous times and have been invited on several occasions to DJ and curate music during visits to Berlin, or on tour with a stop in the city. Like most bars, restaurants and other public-facing businesses, the bar has been very adversely impacted by the long and ongoing lockdowns and restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. When the call was made out to select artists to be included on their first compilation, everyone was more than eager to contribute to this compilation to support this fantastic venue in Berlin.

“…the pandemic hit and we had to close the bar for a couple of months. We lost a lot of money and we had a fundraiser going (which is still active!- https://gofund.me/fc15219d ) and there was talk of quickly putting together a VA and rushing it out. This is not how i wanted it to be plus that first 6 months was chaos, with different laws and rules coming in every other week. Fast forward to the start of this year and Berlin was in full lockdown mode and there was no end to this in sight. Now was the time to go for it with the various artist compilation. We are still very short just with covering monthly bar costs so we (Anka Zielina and I) got to work. Anka is my partner in the label. It was overwhelming how quickly the artists agreed and how many that were willing to donate their time and energy to be part of this! All in all it still took us almost 6 months from inception to release.”

You can check out and order the release in the Bandcamp player below, with all tracks going live on the 26th of May. Many thanks to Dream Baby Dream for the opportunity to contribute!