An Upcoming Live Stream Performance for Mutant Transmissions Festival II

5 April 2021
Mutant Transmissions Festival II - Soft Riot - Poster
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Soft Riot will be contributing a 4 song studio performance for the upcoming Mutant Transmissions Festival II later this month. The festival is a live stream happening 23-26 April and curated by the Mutant Transmissions Radio show out of Brugge, Belgium. It will feature studio performances and DJ sets from contributors all over the world for fans of the wave, synth, post-punk and generally weirder end of the underground synth spectrum.

The line-up includes performances by Bestial Mouths, DAT Politics, Oberst Panizza, GrGr, Jad Wio, Kris Baha, Petra Flurr & 89s++ and more along with DJ sets by Polina Y, Reverend Esser, Tracy Sputnik, Carlos Grabstein and more.

It will also be the first performance of any kind by myself for close to a year, mainly as work has been more dedicated to writing new material and other creative pursuits since then. Of the songs selected, there’ll be some numbers from the When Push Comes To Shove album as well as an older track and a new, unreleased track.

If you wish to tune in, the whole festival airs live on Twitch at

Or find out more information below.

More Info

As this event has now passed, you can watch the performance on the video below: